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Literally March 30, 2009

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One day last week it was supposed to be sunny, so I suggested to C that we take a walk after school and look for signs of spring. Literal-minded C needed some crafting time before we could head out (and could then only be convinced to go into the backyard).















The other intrepid explorer was out there with us as well. She has to be watched closely, as she loves to dig in the dirt—including the dirt that contains already planted items.











Togetherness moments…C begs to hold M to go down the slide. M loves to tackle C with crushing “hugs”. As C said “Help mommy! She is stronger than me, but luckily you are stronger than both of us!”











Sunny again this weekend, so G and C got some gardening time in before he had a work trip. Another trip to the hardware store, where C was able to pick out her own flowered hammer. As you can see, she was all dressed up for gardening, and I am sure she was a huge help.











And we close with a shot of M where if you look closely you can see those bottom teeth (remember, you can click on it to see a bigger picture).


Girls girls girls March 22, 2009

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C had no school on Friday (teacher/parent conferences—she is rocking the house in pre-K, already doing 1st grade math!) so I had both my girls for three days. Although, truth be told, C has said that she “loves Daddy more” and lucked out with lots of Daddy time this weekend—no really, you guys go to Home Depot on your own, I’ll just stay here and nap with the baby 😉 [We are going to try Square Foot Gardening this summer so they had a bunch of boards and compost to buy.]

So what did M get up to?








Why walk when you can ride? Bought to encourage some walking, but clearly that hasn’t occurred to M yet (note: green stick love has expanded to include green tube love as well).











But green stick remains high on her list.











Lots and lots of standing. 








Playing and posing with big sister (and trying out new hairdos to keep hair out of face…have not figured out one that keeps hands out of hair yanking accessories out however).











Funny faces—the tongue always sticking out (although for some reason tough to catch on camera), general purpose funny face, and dubious look at off camera big sister.


Eleven (plus one) March 9, 2009

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Eleven months old yesterday, and getting even harder to photograph with the birthday cat.


















An assistant even had to be called in this time! M just wanted to jump off that chair.

Stats: roughly 18 or 19 lbs (from the very unscientific weigh myself, then weigh self plus baby method), still in 9-12 month clothes, two teeth in on the bottom, one waiting in the wings on top, and as of today…stands for a few seconds without support. She has been pulling up for a while, and stands a lot, but today was the first day she let go—stood for a bit, fell, and did it twice more before losing interest.

Hair a bit scruffy, but I cannot bear to cut it yet, so most days we make do with a little clip.








She is a crawling, playing machine. Leave her alone for a few seconds, and a whole shelf of the bookshelf is unloaded. Take her to the park, and her entire tush is quickly covered in woodchips, and she is carefully piling them up (and eating them as well).









Still not quite able to play with C (or perhaps it is C who cannot play with her?) but we did attempt a tea party the other day. M not sure what to do with the teapot lid, but quite familiar with spoons.











The downside is that M pretty much wants to destroy all the complicated things that C builds, eat the tiny bits that C leaves behind, or pull C’s hair. Kinda ruins the togetherness moments.

Sleep wise…[long sigh]. We have changed things up twice recently, so that now M is napping in the jogging stroller three mornings a week when I run (I was running post nap, which would mean that she would fall asleep at the end for 15 minutes, ruining the afternoon nap) and that is going well. The other change was just yesterday, so no ideas on efficacy yet—with Daylight Saving Time, changed bedtime from 5:30 to 7, in an effort to all eat dinner together (and hopefully encourage some later morning sleeping…) The worst bit is still the afternoon nap—attempts to move her into the crib for this nap have resulted in little 10 minute naps. ARGH. Someday, right?

On the talking front, M is super babbley. Says something that sounds a lot like “mama” or at least “maaaaa” and is used in mostly appropriate situations. Also says something a lot like “baby”, seemingly in reference to herself. Not sure I am really ready to call these words yet though.

M is really getting into feeding herself, so the search for appropriate finger foods has begun. She is very, very excited to eat whatever I am eating, so a few breadcrumbs and tiny bits of apple have been attempted. She bounces in her seat for barley teething biscuits. Os are another huge favorite. Cheese and yogurt pass, cottage cheese is a no go. Pureed veggies have been falling out of favor, especially in the green family. She is even eager to try feeding herself with the spoon.








In case you haven’t been able to tell from the other pictures, she is also a huge fan of Daddy. Crawls over to his office if you take an eye off of her, works her way over to his side of the bed in the morning, and loves to collapse against him, arms spread wide, for hugs any time. The feeling may be mutual.


Big Sister March 5, 2009

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Turns out, there is nothing funnier than watching a big sister blow bubbles.











It is good to be able to laugh in the midst of the teething hell…two teeth so far, but many restless nights.

Big sister also wanted to help with feeding, but I would say the bubble blowing was more consistently successful.








Gearing up for turning 11 mos. old on Sunday…jury still out on whether walking will occur before first birthday or not (lots of standing to date).  


Sledding! March 1, 2009

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C’s school had a weekend outing to a place with sledding—there was a horse drawn sleigh to the sledding area, tents with wood stoves that were quite warm, fires for hotdogs and s’mores, and a hill that still had some snow. Just around freezing on Saturday, so not too cold—and really, the tents were almost too warm. The hill was perfect size for a newly confident C, and for hesitant old fogeys such as G and I (ask him to tell you the story of me attempting to do a “running start” to sled down the hill…I am sure if he can stop laughing long enough he would love to tell it). The outing was not as well attended as I had expected, but one of C’s classmates was there and they happily hung out the whole time (it was a boy, and I guess at school he mostly “plays monster games with the other boys and [C] is not into that”, but for sledding he was fine).

Pre sledding—suiting up M into her snowsuit in the car trunk, C with her full gear on including new insisted upon boarding sunglasses, and the stove inside one of the tents:











M didn’t do any sledding, but she did sit in the snow fairly happily, and eventually took a nap on G’s chest. She is quite the daddy’s girl. I have been so happy with this Gap snowsuit—bought before the big storm here, but sent to Cleveland for the holidays, and then sent back here which meant it mostly missed the storms on both coasts. But for some cold runs and now sledding it worked out great—keeps all her appendages warm, although a little difficult for crawling in.











C tore up the hills! A bit lazy/uncoordinated about carrying the sled back up the hill, but she was pretty fearless going down—face first, feet first, with and without other people, racing her friend, and even going “spinny” on a round sled and getting thrown. Driving home, we noticed a bruise and various scratches on her face, but she didn’t seem to notice a thing and had a great time.











Surprisingly, no pictures of G or I sledding…how did that happen? We did manage the elusive family shot…although this was when M was zonked out so she isn’t represented all that well.