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Sledding! March 1, 2009

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C’s school had a weekend outing to a place with sledding—there was a horse drawn sleigh to the sledding area, tents with wood stoves that were quite warm, fires for hotdogs and s’mores, and a hill that still had some snow. Just around freezing on Saturday, so not too cold—and really, the tents were almost too warm. The hill was perfect size for a newly confident C, and for hesitant old fogeys such as G and I (ask him to tell you the story of me attempting to do a “running start” to sled down the hill…I am sure if he can stop laughing long enough he would love to tell it). The outing was not as well attended as I had expected, but one of C’s classmates was there and they happily hung out the whole time (it was a boy, and I guess at school he mostly “plays monster games with the other boys and [C] is not into that”, but for sledding he was fine).

Pre sledding—suiting up M into her snowsuit in the car trunk, C with her full gear on including new insisted upon boarding sunglasses, and the stove inside one of the tents:











M didn’t do any sledding, but she did sit in the snow fairly happily, and eventually took a nap on G’s chest. She is quite the daddy’s girl. I have been so happy with this Gap snowsuit—bought before the big storm here, but sent to Cleveland for the holidays, and then sent back here which meant it mostly missed the storms on both coasts. But for some cold runs and now sledding it worked out great—keeps all her appendages warm, although a little difficult for crawling in.











C tore up the hills! A bit lazy/uncoordinated about carrying the sled back up the hill, but she was pretty fearless going down—face first, feet first, with and without other people, racing her friend, and even going “spinny” on a round sled and getting thrown. Driving home, we noticed a bruise and various scratches on her face, but she didn’t seem to notice a thing and had a great time.











Surprisingly, no pictures of G or I sledding…how did that happen? We did manage the elusive family shot…although this was when M was zonked out so she isn’t represented all that well.


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