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Girls girls girls March 22, 2009

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 9:37 pm

C had no school on Friday (teacher/parent conferences—she is rocking the house in pre-K, already doing 1st grade math!) so I had both my girls for three days. Although, truth be told, C has said that she “loves Daddy more” and lucked out with lots of Daddy time this weekend—no really, you guys go to Home Depot on your own, I’ll just stay here and nap with the baby 😉 [We are going to try Square Foot Gardening this summer so they had a bunch of boards and compost to buy.]

So what did M get up to?








Why walk when you can ride? Bought to encourage some walking, but clearly that hasn’t occurred to M yet (note: green stick love has expanded to include green tube love as well).











But green stick remains high on her list.











Lots and lots of standing. 








Playing and posing with big sister (and trying out new hairdos to keep hair out of face…have not figured out one that keeps hands out of hair yanking accessories out however).











Funny faces—the tongue always sticking out (although for some reason tough to catch on camera), general purpose funny face, and dubious look at off camera big sister.


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