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Literally March 30, 2009

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:13 pm

One day last week it was supposed to be sunny, so I suggested to C that we take a walk after school and look for signs of spring. Literal-minded C needed some crafting time before we could head out (and could then only be convinced to go into the backyard).















The other intrepid explorer was out there with us as well. She has to be watched closely, as she loves to dig in the dirt—including the dirt that contains already planted items.











Togetherness moments…C begs to hold M to go down the slide. M loves to tackle C with crushing “hugs”. As C said “Help mommy! She is stronger than me, but luckily you are stronger than both of us!”











Sunny again this weekend, so G and C got some gardening time in before he had a work trip. Another trip to the hardware store, where C was able to pick out her own flowered hammer. As you can see, she was all dressed up for gardening, and I am sure she was a huge help.











And we close with a shot of M where if you look closely you can see those bottom teeth (remember, you can click on it to see a bigger picture).


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