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Progress April 29, 2009

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Seems like this garden thing might really work!








(Spinach, strawberry, beet, I think…don’t have my garden map handy.)

G continues to insist that two bushes in the back are both blueberry bushes but so far at least they look quite different…








Last week, M had no clue what to do with her push cart…this week: 










Correct: walking behind cart. Incorrect: using cart as perch to try to sneak random berries off bush.

M has been a wreck the past few nights…one tooth cut (tooth #5) and three more on the way. Hopefully this explains the nightly hourly crying (even with ibuprofen), nap avoidance, and general shrieky, whiny behavior.

And lovely C…








…who, when gently told “I don’t think those socks go with that dress” responded:











“Mommy! Of course they go, because butterflies love flowers.” Right then. 


Gardening, Grandparents, and Growth April 22, 2009

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Finally finished the foundation of our Square Foot Garden this weekend and got some plants in—some seeds, some starters from the Yakima Fruit Market. Tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, bok choy, leeks, peppers, cucumbers, peas, beans, beets, carrots, strawberries, and corn.











Still hoping to get some radishes in as well.

Other parts of the yard started blooming as well, although the tulips seem to have a short lifespan. Garlic chive blossoms look so pretty don’t they?










Gardening is made much more difficult by a little crazy crawler who wants to dig up all the dirt. See that gleam in her eye? You can tell she is up to no good (please excuse the beginners mistake of a table growing out of her head…just love the look on her face!).








Grammy and Grampy arrived for a week of taking C to and from school, chasing M around the house, eating the random foods I put together, and doing all our gardening and cleaning up. I am sure they need a vacation after this trip! 








Of course, impossible to get photos of everyone looking at the same time. C and M loved all that time with their grandparents—and G and I loved two date nights! (Duplicity at overpriced luxury Village Roadshow theater in Redmond and dinner at new to us Cafe Harlequin in Kirkland). Grammy and Grampy brought the sunshine and we celebrated with a little dangling, a little climbing, and a little jump rope (don’t worry mom…not posting the pictures of you 😉  











Finally, updating on the promised one year stats for little M. 29.5 inches long (50-75th percentile) and a whopping…18 lbs. 14.5 oz. (10-25th percentile). Meaning that M hasn’t even doubled her birth weight yet. Sigh. So hard not to worry about the same saga that we suffered through with C (although much better this time as no 1) structural inability to eat and 2) bleeding colon). Our pediatrician this time around is much more laid back, but I am trying to get cheese and whole milk yogurt into this kiddo at every opportunity.

Speaking of M, this past week saw many new things—a new tooth (#4), the ability to crawl up the steps (but not down) and a repeatable word—“peek” which she uses to play peek a boo. Very cute—she just holds her hand up near her face and then yells peek. Well, something more like “bbbeeaagh” but in context you can tell it is peek. She also hands me my towel when I get out of the shower. And picks pockets. She might just earn her keep yet.


Birthday festivities continued (plus…crafting!) April 12, 2009

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M’s joint birthday party with a 2 year old friend was on Saturday at H’s house. The rain was not enough to deter eager easter egg hunters and H’s family did an amazing job cooking and decorating. I made a few contributions as well.

On Thursday we dyed eggs according to a tutorial from Lolly Chops. I had never blown out eggs before, and am in no hurry to do it again anytime soon. They did however look lovely on a quince branch:








Other decorations included some paper butterflies cut out using my Xyron wishblade and wheatgrass and paper flower plots made by H’s son:








Food included puff pastry wrapped brie, multiple scones from Beth Hensperger’s Quick Breads, and my easter standby of bunny buns (from here).








I somehow don’t have a shot of the amazing cupcakes that H and her sister made, but they also made M’s birthday cake and it was gorgeous…and deeeeelicious.











Many, many thanks for H for hosting, setting up, cleaning up, and doing the bulk of the cooking and planning for the party. So great to celebrate with friends. We hung around (hopefully not too long??) after the party as M wanted to explore their deck and attempt to eat chocolate eggs.











Once back home, we hit the local playground to soak up the last of the surprise sun.


















And, um, not to toot my own horn or anything (TOOT TOOT) but I made each of the girls’ dresses—M’s from a Butterick pattern and C’s from a Simplicity. M’s was a bit small (bought the wrong size pattern) but did have a matching bum cover. C’s was a big hit (good thing, as we had a few arguments over coordinating fabrics and choosing buttons). If you look at them close up, there are many errors (gathers uneven, considerable trouble with the iron on facing, button holes through multiple layers, and bias tape facing on M’s dress), but such is life. (And M’s sweater is one I knit before Christmas, seen in some earlier photos here.)

Closing with possibly my favorite photo from the weekend…answering the question, From whom does M get her blue eyes?


One Year April 8, 2009

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M turned one year old today. Between the haircut and the 12-18 month size clothes that I pulled out on Tuesday, she is looking more and more like a kid and less and less like a baby. But she is still super cuddly.

We hit the playground.











We attempted some birthday cat shots.











We had a little cake.








She opened a few presents (with lots of help from big sis).











I am not sure how clued in M was to the goings on…honestly, with how much C was involved you would have thought it was her birthday…she picked out the cakes, blew out the candles, opened the presents, and played with the toys. Sigh. Her big party is Saturday, and then Grammy and Grampy arrive next week, so she will have a few opportunities to practice present opening yet.

(My favorite part of the day? G watched the kids and I got a haircut! This is my first one since…well, before M was born.)

So at one year, M is….

Height? Weight? Not sure. Maybe 21-22 lbs. based on home scale method—we go to the dr. next week, so will update then. I moved her into the 12-18 month clothes, although some of the pants are a bit long (odd, as I made the change since the 9-12 were seeming short).

Says things that definitely sound like mama, dada, and baby. Does a vigorous head shake for no. Likes to play blinking games, blowing air games, and bubble blowing games. Cries whenever C gets out of the car for school at drop off time. Gives huge hugs. Loves the cat (and preemptively flinches each time she pets her). Requests books. Claps, waves, and “raises the roof” (both hands in the air).

Crawls like a demon, but not walking yet. Just yesterday, started to walk a bit while holding onto someone’s hands, but has not repeated the free standing move of last month, doesn’t really cruise much, and hasn’t shown an interest in push carts. It’s hard enough to keep up with her crawling though!

Is getting used to her crib for naps and starting the night. Took a 90 minute crib nap yesterday, but today was back down to about 35 minutes. Still wakes 1-3 times most nights.

Still just three teeth. I swear there are three more on their way, but they are taking their own sweet time. The other top tooth has been right below the surface for days now.

Is a pretty great eater—loves apples for some reason, and peeled grape quarters. Tofu, cheese, little pastas, bread, banana, yogurt, and still will chow down some purees. Loves her water sippy cup as well. Always wants whatever I am eating, and tries to share her food with me. (Barley biscuit? Thanks, no). The sleeve closest to her constantly has food handprints on it from being grabbed during meals.

Is super strong. She can take C down easily. Most diaper changes are a huge wrestling match. One needs to keep a tight grip on her, as she can flail and flip around unexpectedly.

Loves dirt. A lot. More than expected.











It’s been quite a year.








I do miss that [not so] tiny little baby, but perhaps not so much the spitting up. M has been such a great addition to our family and the year has just flown by. Her combination of strength, spunk, and sweetness promises many exciting days ahead.  


So long scruffleupagus, hello big girl April 2, 2009

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Just when I had found the perfect nickname for scruffy little M…








I caved. M’s hair was too much in her face—getting food in it, and with her latest cold…other stuff as well. But she would tear out any clip attempts. G was on my case to get it cut. So off we went to a kids haircutting place and they worked their magic—quick, easy, and no tears (well, from M. A few perhaps from me)















Bangs (what C calls “little snips”) and a cleaned up back, which actually released the few curls back there.

C a bit disappointed as I had overly prepped her to be the big, brave sister, and therefore she wanted M to sit in her lap for the haircut.