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So long scruffleupagus, hello big girl April 2, 2009

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:31 pm

Just when I had found the perfect nickname for scruffy little M…








I caved. M’s hair was too much in her face—getting food in it, and with her latest cold…other stuff as well. But she would tear out any clip attempts. G was on my case to get it cut. So off we went to a kids haircutting place and they worked their magic—quick, easy, and no tears (well, from M. A few perhaps from me)















Bangs (what C calls “little snips”) and a cleaned up back, which actually released the few curls back there.

C a bit disappointed as I had overly prepped her to be the big, brave sister, and therefore she wanted M to sit in her lap for the haircut. 


One Response to “So long scruffleupagus, hello big girl”

  1. Nicolette Says:

    Just what I needed to brighten a very gloomy, rainy day here in Cleveland! What a sweetheart–can\’t wait til we get there to see all of you.

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