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Progress April 29, 2009

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 10:20 pm

Seems like this garden thing might really work!








(Spinach, strawberry, beet, I think…don’t have my garden map handy.)

G continues to insist that two bushes in the back are both blueberry bushes but so far at least they look quite different…








Last week, M had no clue what to do with her push cart…this week: 










Correct: walking behind cart. Incorrect: using cart as perch to try to sneak random berries off bush.

M has been a wreck the past few nights…one tooth cut (tooth #5) and three more on the way. Hopefully this explains the nightly hourly crying (even with ibuprofen), nap avoidance, and general shrieky, whiny behavior.

And lovely C…








…who, when gently told “I don’t think those socks go with that dress” responded:











“Mommy! Of course they go, because butterflies love flowers.” Right then. 


One Response to “Progress”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hey B, Your garden looks amazing already! I\’m jealous of the earlier seasons in, well, pretty much every place but here. Meadow is looking so big (and 100% adorable) and, of course, Charlotte is the greatest thing ever with her butterfly-flower comment. I just adore those girls! I love the blog and need to check it more often… time on the computer is so scarce. Take care, Jen

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