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Shouldn’t I be packing? May 21, 2009

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Yes. I should.

As predicted, M has napped (for her) really well this week, with several 90 minute naps. Of course, today she was up at 5:30 and then took a short morning nap. Today, the day that I have to stop doing laundry and start packing for our trip to Boston. Oh, and take C to “Dad’s Night” from 6:30 – 7:30, and be home for our 8:30 car service pickup, and then the flight at 11:30. PM. Good times. Somewhere in there I was hoping to squeeze kid baths, but they might have to just be stinky. I mean, they aren’t THAT stinky.

With all this sleep, M has been quite a fun baby this week. Jamming to tunes, palming the ball, and generally looking cute.









She is nearing expert level on the stairs, and almost always crawls backwards down instead of attempting the forward roll.








Last weekend we went to the birthday party of one of C’s (and our) good friends. The girls always immediately declothe and put on princess outfits. The littlest princess was excited about the birthday hat, except for when I accidentally snapped her with the elastic.









For the friend’s birthday, I made another version of the dress I made for C (by request). Each one gets easier, but there are still several mistakes in this one. Sigh. 









Right now I am trying to quickly finish another dress for C to take with us to Boston. Whose brilliant idea was that?? (Oh yeah. My idea.) The girls are beyond excited—C wants to hit every ice cream parlor and bookstore in Boston, and see all her old playgrounds. M is just excited all the time. I am excited to be looking back on our solo red eye instead of looking forward to it. And, to see all my friends that I haven’t seen in ages and ages. Hopefully the cat won’t get [any more] ornery in our absence. Til then, the old five tooth smile (yep still just five).



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