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And now I’m back, to let you know… June 1, 2009

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That 9 days in Boston is not enough to see all the people I wanted to see, visit the places I wanted to visit, or eat the food I wanted to eat. But we hit most of the important ones. And I took…400 pictures. So this post might be photo heavy. Actually, I might split this into several posts. Yeah, that’ll be better.

First off…mostly photo free…the lowlights.

1. Getting reintroduced to Boston attitudes by the #1 [rhymes with flick] cabbie when we landed. Who grouched about me installing car seats, denied that the seatbelt which could not be pulled out *at all* was broken, came close to verbal abuse when I had one more thing that needed to be put in the trunk, and then made fun of me when I was only able to supply an address and general area for where our apartment was (gee…don’t you get a lot of tourists who don’t know the full directions for where they are going??) Just want I wanted after a delayed red-eye flight with two kids. Thanks.

2. Missing some sunshine in Seattle and getting rain in Boston. Kind of spoiled some playground plans, highlighted that my “pack light” strategy left out details like warm sweaters and rain coats, and again highlighted Masshole behavior as I, pushing a stroller with a baby and holding the hand of a kiddo, was forced to stand at intersections in the pouring rain since no cars would slow down, much less stop to let us cross. Luckily we were visiting friends and were able to borrow some clothes and dry ours while we were there!

3. The strange east coast phenomena of crappy yet expensive hotels, demonstrated by the Royal Plaza hotel in Middleton RI (which was neither Royal, nor a Plaza…discuss). We stayed two nights, and they did not clean after the first night—someone definitely was in the room but instead of making the beds they took all the washcloths and then left new bars of soap. There is some suspicion that the bed had fleas. And their internet service was only for “email access” and forbid any large files…or, for us, Hulu watching (working our way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer and loving it).

4. The corporate apartment where G stays in Boston was lovely, clean, had a small kitchen and washing machine (key with kids, especially with my pack light strategy), and a separate bedroom for C and M. However, there are basically no grocery stores in the area, forcing me to drop large sums at a 7-11 for milk, small boxes of cereal, prepackaged fruit salad, etc. Could have been worse, I know. Also, it only had showers—and my kids HATE showers with a passion. The final shower there was so much screaming and crying that I fully expected police to be there when we got out of the bathroom.


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