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Boston trip–Friends June 1, 2009

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Three whole years since I have been in Boston…and not that many people have managed to come visit us (hint hint). But seeing everyone it was like no time had passed—somehow everyone looked the same, but all the kids looked a lot older (and there were a ton of new babies and no-longer-babies for us to meet). C and M loved the chance to play with other kids’ toys and make all sorts of new friends. Although C has pretty strict requirements for friendship and counted only three friends at the end of the trip (plus one who was “already my friend” from Seattle). Kids didn’t make her list for reasons including 1) too much tummy tickling, 2) too many potty words, and 3) too excited to see her. Tough crowd.

[Friends—I think I have seen pictures of all these kids posted online before, but if you want one removed just let me know!]


















A special shout out to baby E, the first baby M has really interacted with—M crawled right over to her and gave her a big hug.









I have pictures of all the kids we saw, but am missing a lot of the adults. Oops. For instance, no pictures of the couple who announced they are expecting identical twin girls this fall (yay! Someone to send all my girl clothes to!) But I did finally get a picture of good friend mk for posterity…if only it wasn’t ruined by the presence of excessively squinty eyed me.







Many thanks to all the friends who came out to see us, fixed us dinner at their place, picked us up at various train stations, or let us hang out at their brand new house (literally, the day after they moved in). And to all the friends we missed—I will try to make it back before another three years!   


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