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14 months June 8, 2009

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Leading off with…first steps today!!!!! Not caught on film though, as she would not repeat later. Sigh. In the past week or so M has started standing on her own a lot more, and pushing up off the floor to standing instead of only being able to pull up on something. Saturday we had friends over for dinner and they claimed that M took 2 steps, but G (who saw it) said it was more that she caught herself while falling forward, so we aren’t counting that. But today, she fully took about 3 steps in a row, and was very very pleased with herself. Hopefully more tomorrow!









At 14 months, M…

…needs a haircut again. Her hair is just naturally scruffy looking though.

…has 6 teeth (3 top, 3 bottom).

….says “peek”, “boo”, “mommy”, “daddy”, and sometimes things that sound like “shoe”, “socks”, “hat”, and “cat”. Has learned about pointing and points a lot. Waves with some consistency. Has finally figured out kissing—for a long time, just did the same as hugging. Then started putting an open mouth on your mouth (yeeeeccch). Now, puts a closed mouth on your mouth. Won’t give a kiss on the cheek though.

…is enjoying her snail rocker picked up on the cheap at a garage sale.

…loves yogurt, bread, grapes, pears, crackers, milk, water, pasta, and trying whatever is on my plate. Goes through phases (will eat tofu cubes one day and not the next). Pretty good eater overall though. Except for the skills part…and she INSISTS on feeding herself, even at restaurants. I am beginning to worry that there is a picture up of our family behind the podium at some restaurants with a note that says “do not let these people eat here if they have the baby!”. Witness: 






The yogurt picture is obviously worse. She also drops a lot of food on the floor—despite many, many requests not to. I bought her all new sippy cups that were BPA free…at they mostly seem to have these silicone type mouth pieces which she has systematically ruined. Down to the one pink cup right now.

…sleeping and napping OK. Still adjusting to being back in Seattle I think. Varies a lot in her naps—will take a great 2 hour nap one afternoon, and then terrible naps the next day. Has also developed a habit of waking a bit and then when you try to comfort her, screaming at the top of her lungs as if acid were being poured on her. Flailing and kicking are also involved. Sometimes will (eventually) settle back down to sleep but not always. She has done this once at night and a few times at naps. It is awful. I read up a bit on night terrors (her eyes are mostly closed during these episodes, but hard to tell if they are squeezed shut from the crying or closed because she is actually still asleep). Will have to see if it is a post-travel thing or continues.

…loves her daddy and her big sister. In fact, I think they would be tied for number one, then me, then the cat (I might be flattering myself here). C insists on starting every day with big hugs from M…until the hugs turn to hair pulling and then C starts screaming. C let me know that she loves M “forever and ever, more than infinity plus 2”. We like to introduce the big concepts early around here 😉

…likes to listen to books (or sometimes, just page through them quickly). Desires all phones and remotes with a deep and abiding need. Plays on her musical table several times a day. Explores any cupboard left unlocked. Crawls up the stairs in seconds. Eats dirt and pulls all the petals off flowers if left to her own devices outside. Loves a good swing. Colors a bit. Deeply hates diaper changes, and works hard to scramble off the table and kick anyone so cruel as to change her diaper. Loves playing in the bath with C. Wants to brush her own teeth and hair.

I think that is about it. Happy 14 months M!


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