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Yikes June 13, 2009

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Finally have my computer back and working again…wow, a tough few days limited to just the laptop in the kitchen and the laptop in the living room. I guess I could have used G’s desktop or (two?) laptop…but mine has all my photos! Is hooked up to the printer! Plays music in the craft room! It was a rough few days.


She walks! And here is the proof. Kind of depressing reviewing the (very few) videos on my flip…almost every single one ends with my voice saying “OK, that’s enough” or “stop that”. Such is life with kids I guess. C especially likes to perform for the camera, as you will see in this one 😉

C graduated from Pre-K with much pomp and circumstance (although thankfully no speeches):









She is so extremely proud to be a Kindergartener. That first picture is right before she walked into the room—she had been talking about graduation for days: “I will be wearing a cap and g [catches self] I will not be wearing what I wore that morning but something else that will be a surprise!” 

Graduation was Friday (although she still has 2.5 days of school left this week) and the night before was the end of school picnic. M continues to practice walking—much time spent in a midway crouch. Love those little baby legs!









Friday night we had week two of our new (summer) friday night tradition—picnic and playing at Juanita Beach during the Juanita farmer’s market. It is incredibly awesome to live near the lake…the girls both ate a picnic dinner on a quilt on the beach (with super fresh strawberries picked up at the market), then played in the sand and then went into the water. C “swam” along the edge and got all wet. M played in the water, and kept trying to crawl deeper and deeper. I think we may avoid the multiple year severe fear of water that we went through with C…although keeping a constant eye on M, chasing her into the water over and over, and dragging her closer to beach repeatedly was somewhat tiresome. Sadly, I did not take my camera with me, and instead just have memories of that night. But I envision many more beach picnics for us this summer (well, until they close Juanita Beach for construction for 3 months. Sigh) Anyone reading this who is local—come on out on Friday nights and join us!


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