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362 pictures on the card July 6, 2009

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Kinda disappeared there for a bit…we are redoing our “craft room”. The so-called bonus room that all larger houses seem to have out here, which most people use as a TV room (judging by the blue glow in the later hours) and which we use for scrapbooking (me), sewing (me), painting (G, when he did) and most computing (me). It had been a hodge-podge of leftover furniture pressed into service….and a huge, embarrassing mess. But with some help from an architect friend, multiple IKEA trips, an awesome contractor, and (maybe) a fight or two…well, we are nearing a beautiful, functional, able to be shown to other people room. Just nearing though—a bunch of the old furniture is still in here, computer stuff is mid-set up with wires everywhere, and we are still moving all the craft stuff back from the guest room. Someday though, I promise to post pictures. Anyway, long story even longer, between packing up the room for several nights, and then being computer free (I mean, except for the five other computers in the house) for another two weeks while the construction was going on, and general life stuff…well. Blogging took a back seat.

But not (as much) picture taking. Your gain, right?

Let’s see…when we last left our heroine(s), it was pre-K graduation. Since then we had the actual end of school, the start of camp, the end of gymnastics, several outings, a holiday weekend, lots of gardening, and an increasingly comfortable walker. I think the post may ramble a bit through these…I mean, even more so than usual 😉


Night before the real last day of school, I decided to make C’s teacher and teacher’s assistant some fabric covered journals. I mean, I had been planning on it for a few weeks—purchased all the supplies—but left it for the night before to make them. Not my best idea (and yet one that occurs to me over and over again). I followed a tutorial but…linen is a PITA to sew with. My iron is not so great. And “beginner” should still be lodged firmly in front of my sewer status. But they got done, and after G stopped laughing at me staying up until 1:30 am sewing journal covers (do they even journal??) he said they weren’t too shameful to give as a gift. Perhaps he just didn’t want to be sent out then to buy some gift cards?

I finally cut into some of my “nicer” material for a dress for C—using the same pattern as the flowered dress from just before Boston. Attempted to make my own bias tape for the arm- and neck-hole trim and used that instead of a hem as well. This is Underwater Sisters from Heather Ross’s Mendocino line. Perfect for a mermaid crazy little girl. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to machine stitch the backside of the bias trim neatly and ended up hand stitching it all. And then I went ahead and made a duplicate for her friend and had to hand stitch that sucker too. But (despite C’s grouchy demeanor) the girls seemed to love them! My last project before closing up the craft room (although the hand sewing part lingered for a bit and quickly got done before the friend left on vacation). 

Although I missed sewing and scrapbooking, I did knit during our renovations…but have no pictures. Will have to get some pictures soon—I have lots of almost-finished items to share.


Our little SFG continues to flourish thrive grow. Most of it. The spinach all bolted, the cucumbers I think are not going to be coming up, the pepper plants have not really grown bigger than they were as starts. The leeks look more like blades of grass. The broccoli almost all died. Other than that…

I posted before about our onions flowering. Apparently, they are not in fact supposed to do that. We tried pulling one anyway. Lots of stalk, little onion. But it tasted fine in some guacamole.









The zucchini (we think) is blossoming, the snap peas are sweet and crisp, the lettuce has composed many a salad, and we have the prettiest, if not necessarily most edible, bok choy ever.









On the fruit front, as long as you only want one or two berries a day, our garden can keep you satisfied. Three or so strawberries, a blueberry, a (small) handful of raspberries, black currants, and the mysterious goumi berry.















We are hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes, for now at least they smell terrific. Tomato is my favorite smell.










C and a friend at the penguin exhibit at the zoo. C in “princess” face paint at the strawberry festival. M and G goofing around at the Bothell July 4th parade.









Around the house

Fun with a bubble blowing toy, until baby sister tries to grab it. We see this face A LOT from C.







M loves to be outside—always wants to be sprayed with the hose, stays very busy with her cart. Oh, and humorous attempts to solve a “pants too long” issue. 









M continues to figure out how popsicles work.







Also…C suffered and then recovered from some sort of rash (allergic reaction to sunscreen? no clue…but we are just using the chemical free Burt’s Bees on her for now), won the Great Imagination award at camp (but also got in trouble for, prepare yourself—kicking someone), M has become a climber extraordinaire, we have had about 30 straight days of sunshine and general great weather (although the rain is expected to return this week), and the cat seems to have mellowed nicely—whether from loneliness during our Boston trip or because G insisted on letting her outside a bit, we don’t know. 

This week, G is out of town. C has a special ceramics camp (I think it is mostly painting pre-made ceramics, but she will still love that) and starts swimming classes. Oh, and M turns 15 months. So hopefully my posting won’t be so shoddy.


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