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15 months July 8, 2009

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I feel like this past month has been one of real growth for M. She made the leap from babyhood to toddlerhood. Not only has her walking improved a lot, her interest in walking has also grown—she is walking more than crawling now, and makes the change from sitting to standing and walking quickly and accurately. Her interest in books is more specific, her play is more purposeful, and her wants more obvious.

She is one spunky little bug. M definitely wants to be out and about exploring the world and deplores any sort of confinement to a stroller. I regret somewhat purchasing the three-point harness model now…although five point still wouldn’t hold her. Perhaps there is a seven or nine-point available? In any case, this makes outings a bit of a chore sometimes, especially for the earlier weeks where there was still more crawling than walking—one doesn’t really want to let the baby crawl freely at, say, the zoo. In addition to exploring on foot or all fours, she also is an intrepid climber—climbs up jungle gyms to go down slides much bigger than expected, climbs onto the windowsill when cuddling on the couch, climbs onto C’s bike when she isn’t looking, climbs into the rocking chair. Luckily, we haven’t had too many falls yet. There is a lot of reminding her about going backwards to get down though! For some reason, she is fairly content to sit in her car seat and likes shopping carts as well, so there is the occasional break for us.

She loves to play and splash in the bath, and will walk right into the lake. I thought she would love swimming classes this summer, but at the first class yesterday she was fairly nervous and whimpered to be held after each trip across the pool. I think we will stick with it however—as the other option is to follow her around the small outdoor pool twice a week for 30 minutes while C has her lessons.



  She will eat anything, or at least try it. Korean noodles, sushi rice, soup, veggie nugget…whatever is on your plate, she wants a bite. Anything she doesn’t like just gets pushed back out, and the game continues. Her core remains the toddlers triumvirate of fruit, dairy, and pasta. M insists on feeding herself (sometimes if she is super hungry she will let me shovel yogurt into her though) and typically tires of the bib about 75% of the way through a meal. We go through a LOT of outfits a day, and I spend more time than I thought possible wiping up food from the floor, high chair, and table after every meal. We go to the dr. next week and will get an updated weight check then—but she looks so healthy that I am not too worried about where she will measure out (recalling that at her 12 mo. checkup her weight was fairly low).

Seven teeth—four on top, three on the bottom. No idea when that other bottom tooth will come in (the one side came in months ago, since then the two top side teeth have both come in…). Most of the time she is an eager teeth brusher, although more eager for her turn than for mine. Pretty good about helping when getting dressed, but loathes diaper changes and will flail and repeatedly attempt to crawl away—or just stand up on the changing table. Maybe she’ll potty train early??



She is a scruffy little creature with mostly straight hair (hello, my genes) but a little bit of party in the back with this single layer of curls. Sturdy little thighs, and a back that is almost as wide as it is tall. Love it! I do get a lot of comments that she looks like me…? But the blue eyes are definitely all G.




What else… Sleepwise, I think we may have turned a corner (writing this is bound to curse me). This week at least she has taken 2 naps every day, with most of them being closer to 90 minutes than 30 (although sometimes waking in the middle and needing help to go back to sleep). Her nighttime stretch has increased as well—several days she hasn’t gotten up at all until 4 am, and then sleeps nicely in the bed with us until after 7(!!). We went through a week or so where she was getting up around 4 and then wouldn’t settle back down…that was absolutely brutal. What a difference there is (for me!) between three hours and five or six hours of sleep. She of course, always seemed fine. (I know, I know, going to bed before 1 am could help me….I’ll think about it).

She figured out how to make a kissing sound and makes the cutest little fish faces. But if she actually kisses you it is a slobbery, open mouth affair. Gives really great, tight hugs—sometimes too tight, especially for a certain big sister. Likes to be flown like an airplane, to be rolled around on a ball, and to climb on me when I am exercising. Will also climb on me if I am on my back…and bite my nose.

Actually seems to be saying less than last month. Well, fewer words—she “talks” constantly (and also does some vigorous pointing and grunting) but the recognizable words are few. DAAAA (daddy), HIIII CAAA (hi cat), bub (belly button) are the standouts. Also, “wheeeeeee” which she will say over and over when being pushed on a swing or going down the slide. Does a “rrr—rrr—rrr” sound for playing with cars and airplanes. And if you say “yay” she will clap. Also, can give a very gentle high five. So all the important messages have been nailed.

Plays by herself pretty well—transferring puzzle pieces from one box to another, loading things into the metal steaming basket and carrying it around the house, attempting to get any phone and/or remote within reach, and finding any tiny bead, marble, pen, scissors, etc. that C has left out. She also has shown an early penchant for dressing up, and is often found wearing discarded C bracelets. Today we had quite a bit of fun playing with a hat.









She has the best smiles.  






Man, I love this kid.


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