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Summer of the Princess July 15, 2009

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Last weekend we went to the Seattle Center to see a special Jim Henson exhibit at the Experience Music Project (C is a huge Muppets fan, especially Pigs in Space). After that we wandered over to the carnival section of Seattle Center and stumbled upon a face painter. C watched a boy get “zombie” makeup, but for herself picked…princess. I see a pattern developing.









She went on several rides as well—our much braver kid who now likes rides that go up and rides that go fast (a far cry from Disney 1.5 years ago). I went on a little roller coaster with her—about four or five other kids got on and two other adults. The controller started the coaster, we went up the first hill. Stopped suddenly. And then shot backwards back to the start. He said it was too heavy and the other two adults got off with their kids. Then he started the ride up again. C was thrilled the whole way; I thought I was going to pass out from fear and worry. Too heavy?? All the seats weren’t even full. The ride seemed far too rickety and unstable. I guess I am getting old. Thank goodness the big roller coaster on the other side wasn’t running! This shot is just from a space craft that went around and up and down. 







I forgot to mention a few things in M’s 15 month update. She continues to love Peek A Boo, and we play several times a day. She is much better about putting her hands over her eyes now, which makes the game much more interesting. C and I were discussing M’s nicknames (Meds, Meds sans frontiers, Smoodge [oo as in book, not as in food], and C’s nickname of choice….”Little Miss Grabby Hands”. Also, as predicted, her sleeping has gotten worse again (the curse of bragging lives!) Sigh.

A few C things…she is going to drama camp this week and reported back that they had to wrap a string around their finger and tell a story about themselves to the group. Her story? “I told about my three cats. That I had two cats but they both died. And now I have a new cat.” An uplifting story for everyone no doubt. C tends to tell a lot of stories about death and bring it up at random times. Today out of the blue she said “Did you know that I have three grandmas? But one of them I never, ever get to see.” We have recently experienced a vegetable breakthrough, as C has requested a single carrot be served with her dinner. C recently started the morning by asking me “But where does the baby actually come out?” I have learned in these situations to just calmly say “What do you think?” and her response was “The intestines?” I was able to just say “nope” and then the conversation died out. Phew. She is taking swimming classes on Tues and Thurs afternoons and Friday afternoons at camp they have a pool party. She said swimming was her most favorite thing. So last week I asked if she wanted to go to the lake after camp on Friday for our standard picnic/farmer’s market/beach and swimming outing and she declined. I pointed out that swimming was her favorite thing and she said “Well, you know, you can have too much of your favorite thing”. We switched her sunscreen after the rash incident and now I catch her singing a song that goes “Burt’s Bees Chemical Free”. Just seems like an odd phrase for a 5 year old to get obsessed with.

Height and weight info coming tomorrow for M! 


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