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Ask a Master Gardener July 19, 2009

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Meaning, of course, not us. Who seem to be the masters of getting things to flower that aren’t supposed to…like onions, cilantro, and hens and chickens.







On the other hand, it looks like we will have at least one ear of corn this summer, and one dahlia is blooming! 








C was in drama camp last week and on Friday there was a performance. There were two plays, C’s was “cats and dogs” and she was very into it—requesting that I read her the book “Watch Me Grow Kitten” the night before because it discussed how cats walk and run (both left legs, then both right legs) and she wanted to make sure everyone got it right. She also informed me that she played a mountain cat, but it was based on Boston (our cat). The play itself was as you might expect—a lot of kids huddled together while the teacher read the play out loud, every now and then the kids would laugh uproariously and run around. It was pretty cute. And for some reason the teacher dedicated much time to full face paint for every kid. 








Something about how the mouth lines up on this makes it a little freaky looking I think. The instructor also didn’t include time for removing the makeup at the end of drama camp…leaving C about 20 minutes to eat and change for the afternoon camp pool party (!) and me to scrub it all off with paper towels in the bathroom. Thanks for that, right?

M spent the week not sleeping, so that was fun for everyone [insert heavy sarcasm here]. Luckily she slept pretty well last night and took a great nap this morning. The ped. was pretty insistent on M needing more sleep at her appt. on Wednesday…but we haven’t succeeded much at that yet! Sigh. M and C had both been going to bed around 7:30/8 but the dr. wants M in bed at 6:30. We’re trying. Here is little M today in a better mood, seconds before trying to eat part of the hens and chickens plant.









One last pic…the girls ready for swimming class last Thursday.  [Ask me if M gets to bed at 6:30 the day she has swimming from 5-5:30…]


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