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Pictures (and words) August 5, 2009

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My past two trips to Portland have involved chilly weather and rain. Not this one! The four of us travelled to Portland on Friday leaving around 2ish and expecting to arrive around 5ish. The best laid plans…well, we arrived closer to 7 with only minimal car naps for one wee tot. Luckily our hotel (Hotel Monaco) had a great restaurant (and was willing to bring us dessert in the room when said tot started to melt down). Saturday we did brunch, the Portland Saturday Market, Children’s Museum, and a quick stop at the zoo to see the bat exhibit. Then back to the hotel to put M down to bed after which the rest of us headed out to meet my cousin and her husband for dinner. (Not to worry, a hotel recommended babysitter sat in the room while M slept.) Sunday we followed cousin + husband to Kruger’s Farm for blueberry picking and a picnic, then back into town for gelato (mmm….I tried kiwi and wild italian cherry and both were awesome!), playground, and dinner before a (thankfully, only) 3 hour drive home. I didn’t take many pictures on the trip, I blame sappage of energy due to heat. But here are a few that show C’s new hat from the market, M travelling in style, and evidence that someone ate more blueberries than they picked!









We had a great trip, but my absolute favorite memory is from the drive home. M was fussing and fussing instead of sleeping, and as usual C likes to burst into song—however, a loud, kid voice is not exactly soothing for a fussy baby. All of a sudden, she started making up her own verses and sang for about 10 minutes about how much she loves M and how much the whole family loves each other. It was so amazing and wonderful and just went on and on, and was one of those moments where you think, gosh, I must be doing something right. If only we had it on tape.

As mentioned before, the girls love G. At this point, I think both of them mostly prefer him—mention an activity and C instantly says “I want Daddy to go with me!” and M calls out for him all day long. Bittersweet for me I guess. But they couldn’t have picked a better guy—he is crazy about them too.









Back home, the temperatures have cooled and M and I have been trying to get some outside time every morning (recommended by several sources to improve naps…I’ll let you know if it ever works). She loves a good swing, a good ride, and a good garden stomp (we don’t call her “the destroyer” for nothing…the plant near her foot had been the bearer of our single green pepper until she plucked it off yesterday!) 









In garden news…the tomatoes are coming! the tomatoes are coming! The third picture shows a closeup of the tomato in the second picture—that is our Mortgage Lifter plant, and heirloom variety that can apparently grow to 12 feet (plant) and 2 lbs (individual tomatoes). Ours is topping out around 4 or 5 feet though. 









Looks like we may have broccoli…but the lettuce is done for this year.  


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