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On the Go (16 months!!) August 8, 2009

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Despite please, M continues to get bigger and older everyday. Finally got our act together and got her hair cut (3rd one I think). She is just so incredibly mellow during things like haircuts—sits there surrounded by a huge sheet, taking it all in but with little expression. She can do a very intent, calm stare. The rest of the time, though, she wants to be walking and climbing. She is not too happy to be carried much—wants to walk in parking lots, stores, etc. etc. She will hold up a little hand now though (and I only have to bend to the side a little). She wants to walk up and down stairs holding onto the railing. At meals she wants to use silverware (often two forks and two spoons) and eats a wide variety of foods—although a lot gets spit back out (I call her our little food mill). She has had cuban food, samosas, nut and rice loaf, lobster ravioli, gooseberries, vegetarian chorizo…the list goes on. She especially likes whatever is on our plates, leading her to start eating multigrain hot cereal and butternut squash soup. Quite a little temper when you aren’t getting what she wants—I particularly recall a visit to an ice cream parlor this past Monday where she had an actual tantrum, rolling around on the ground (outside in the parking lot/seating area—so particularly gruesome ground) until I figured out that she wanted to hold the spoon AND the bowl herself. Library trips have become dangerous, with all those books to pull off the shelf and a piercing scream when picked up. M wants to play with all of C’s toys and has been pretty interested in Duplo blocks and Little People (although as C said “I wish M could play more when we are playing. Like, when we are playing with farm toys I wish she could make farm scenes.”) Sleep…well, let’s just not talk about sleep.

Today seemed like the last sun non-rain we might have for a while, so I forced the kids to go to a playground. Once we were there, of course, they did not want to leave.














C loves her baby sister. In fact, on the way to the park C said “Don’t you think you should be able to marry anyone you want…” and I eagerly said “Yes!” thinking we were going to have a great conversation about gay marriage. But she continued “…like your own sister.” Hmmm.









C, incidentally, picked out her own outfit today: “Stripy girl.” She mentioned that stripy girl should really have striped hair, face, and hands…but I decreed she would just be stripy clothed girl. Later, she bemoaned the lack of striped socks.









And one last one from today, where M coincidentally matches the color scheme of her sippy cup.


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