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Things are changing around here August 16, 2009

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This one has been asked to start sleeping more, and (somewhat to my surprise) has mostly complied. As you may know, I am loathe to follow the common “sleep training” method of CIO/Ferber-ize. Yet, with M still waking up multiple times a night and (this is the really bad part) sometimes not going to sleep but instead spending an hour or two crawling around the bed and pulling my hair, which led to nights of crabbiness and mornings spent driving C to camp and trying not to blink too much lest my eyes not open back up…something had to be done. So we are following Dr. Jay Gordon’s 10 night plan. We have completed five nights, and the change has been dramatic—M is mostly sleeping until 5 am! 5 – 6:30 has been a bit rocky, with her just not wanting to go back to sleep, but I can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel. Although G is gone this week, so that may throw a wrench in the works. Naps are still not so great—she (mostly) goes down easily but tends to nap just 60-90 minutes, and is only taking the one nap. But, she seems like such a happy kid, sometimes I wonder (fear?) that she just is never going to take a long nap. 









With the switch to one nap, my running schedule has been ripped to shreds and that was certainly not helping my crankiness level. So this week we joined the Y! C is super excited and has been singing the YMCA song regularly (although she has trouble remembering the order of the letters). She is also hoping to take swimming classes there, although from reading through the registration process it is more competitive than getting into Harvard. So we’ll see about that. M has been so-so about it thus far, especially because during peak hours about 1/3 of the toddlers seem to be crying. Too much for her to handle, I think. Saturday it was a lot quieter and she did great. 







This one is prepping for the start of kindergarten in three weeks. She got her hoped for class assignment, we have been collecting school supplies (do pink beveled latex free erasers even exist??), and her uniform outfits have started arriving in the mail (still not sure how my colorful girl will do in navy, khaki, evergreen, and white!). The big open question is how we will do getting her to school at 8:45 every day (she often sleeps until 7:45 or later, lingers over breakfast, and takes forever getting dressed…) Last week we started reading chapter books together (well, me to her) instead of just regular story books—James and the Giant Peach was our first one, and tonight we started Charlotte’s Web. JatGP turned out to be somewhat more violent than I expected (parents eaten by a rhinoceros? Aunts that beat him??) so it was touch and go for poor, empathetic C, but we made it through.

And a few random things…C declared the other day that she doesn’t like playing dress up and only does it because her friend insists. She prefers “math and science.” In fact, when said friend was over later, they had a call and response match where the friend shouted “Dress Up!” while C shouted “Math and Science!” Bless my little math and computer science loving heart. Despite that announcement C tends to spend most of her free time crafting up a storm, and can create some pretty elaborate paper constructions. We recently enjoyed this picture:







which shows her favorite doll Brizilla (with two buttons, not a goiter as you might have suspected). C is not color-blind so much as she just loves darker skinned people—she once told me she wished I had married a black man instead so that she would have darker skin! She is quite the character.

M has blossomed in the past few weeks and suddenly seems to understand a lot more of what is going on and can communicate a lot more as well—primarily with a big, slow yes shake of the head. She is also crazy for socks and shoes and will hold up one foot to get you to put them on her. In fact she often holds up socks even when she already has a set of socks and shoes on. She has been giving a lot more kisses and finally started saying “ma ma ma ma” again. Her earlier ease with a shopping cart has disappeared, and she insists on walking EVERYWHERE and is sadly not so good about holding a hand. 









She also suffered her first big bump this week (she has bumped her head a bunch, including climbing out of the crib, but somehow never got a bruise). Luckily, when she fell we were at the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment for C! Her bangs cover it, but there is quite the yellow and purple bruise on her noggin.  Well, they can’t all be good stories.


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