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Wrapping up August 28, 2009

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I can’t believe this is C’s last day of camp. Tonight we leave to visit the grandparents and after Labor Day C starts Kindergarten. (I know, she has the latest start date of any school!) Where did the summer go?

C and M finished their swimming lessons yesterday. (As mentioned, getting into the Y swim classes in nigh near impossible—although I was there at 7am on registration day, all the classes for C were full when my number was called. I did get M into a class, so we will get priority registration for the Nov-Dec. session at least.)

C is quite the swimming enthusiast and is down to just a half float tucked in her swimsuit (we call her Spongebob…). She even swims with her eyes in the water and is figuring out the back float. Her favorite activity is definitely jumping in though. Check out her moves!














M didn’t learn much swimming, but she did like being in the water and carried from side to side by the teacher. Once she reached the side, she preferred to climb out rather than hang out in the water. But once it was her turn again she would attempt to jump back in.















Seattle has had amazing sun and hot weather this summer. We try to get out and enjoy it when we can.








Despite the seemingly good weather, the garden had a lot of ups and downs. Vegetables continued to flower instead of, well, turning into vegetables. Witness our broccoli:









Cucumbers never grew, the pepper plants are just starting to get peppers now, beets stopped growing, various greens struggled. Carrots, tomatoes, and peas were pretty successful though. The corn a little less so…seems like it started fine and then just quit. We did eat it anyway. (For perspective, the smallest ear there is about 2 inches long!)    






I have been knitting and sewing all summer and have two skirts (C) and a dress (M) that will have to wait for their Cleveland debut before I can photograph them. Actually, need to finish one of the waistbands right now to pack it…flight is not for another 11 hours though, so no worries right? Nothing like a redeye with two kids…as long as our Christmas adventures in flying aren’t repeated though I think we can handle anything.


One Response to “Wrapping up”

  1. Unknown Says:

    Mmm I bet those tomatoes were good! That corn looks familiar…we\’ve managed similarly stubby samples in past years, which I attributed to our losing interest (ah, the impatience!) and slacking on the watering…tasted not-so-great too. Hope yours was better…

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