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Home again, home again, jiggity jog September 7, 2009

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After eight days in Cleveland, we have returned to Seattle rain, fallen over tomato plants, and a last minute run for new school shoes. Tomorrow C starts kindergarten and M turns 17 months. Never a dull moment around here.

And never a dull moment in Cleveland either. C and M had a great time and were pretty good on both flights (even the redeye out). If there was a theme to the week, it was ice cream. One day they even had ice cream twice! Other than that…two sets of grandparents, other family members, beach, hiking, Amish country, zoo, Natural History Museum, backyard wildlife, a huge playground, friends from out of town, a dog, a frog, and did I mention ice cream??

First, the coordinating outfits I made for C and M—a patchwork skirt for C from a Pink Fig pattern and a dress for M, both using a fabric line called Good Folks. I love this fabric! I don’t really have a good shot of M’s dress…will have to address that later. She got a lot of loving from the second cousins at our mini family reunion. C debuted another homemade skirt on the trip, but I have no pics of that one. Again, later.








My cousin french-braided C’s hair…the pressure is on now for me to learn how to do it too.







“Hiking” at Nelson’s Ledges. Pic by me is all about the family, pic by my dad is all about the rocks. Hmmm.






Afterwards, to Amish country where M quite enjoyed my Blue Moon ice cream. As did her sweater.







G learned about maintenance for a large sized lawn, C modeled unusual lawn maintenance attire. Later Grampy found his resident toad.










Fun at a huge playground.








Beach day! It was a Wednesday after school had started, so although the weather was pretty perfect the beach was not crowded at all. C and M played for hours in the sand and braved the water as well. We did learn an important lesson: don’t let the man with the super farmer’s tan take sole responsibility for covering a child with sunscreen. He was such a good kid burier though we had to forgive him. M was all about the snacks. Some friends joined us from Columbus later in the day and the kids all enjoyed playing together.















Last day, we visited a neighborhood beach where C got to play again with her second cousin once removed (I think I got that right) which she later noted as her favorite part of the whole trip (sorry grandparents!) M dashed in and out of the water, getting pretty soaked and requiring significant sand and rock removal. C had grand plans for all the rocks she collected, but we did manage to leave them behind when she wasn’t looking.








One of the things I did while home was unpack many of the boxes of my stuff that has been in storage in my parents’ house since they moved when I was away at college at age 20. I unearthed many treasures, including an illustrated “romantic mystery” entitled Donut Bust which I wrote at age 12, letters from my grade school penpal in Ireland, and my favorite childhood doll, complete with her custom made wardrobe from my paternal grandmother. Softina has now become C’s favorite doll and we have grand plans to whip her up some new outfits. Well, C’s plans might be grander than mine. For now, the plan is unpacking, laundry, and figuring out how to get C to kindergarten by 8:45 every morning. Wish us luck.


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