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My Big Girls September 8, 2009

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This one started K today:









She is quite excited about wearing a uniform and had her first day outfit picked out weeks in advance. She agreed to pictures with and without the sweater, but as you can see from picture #2 didn’t want any “in progress” photos in between. The first day at her school is just a half day with parents staying and an assembly and picnic lunch. There are 16 in her class (9 boys and 7 girls) including a few friends and one young man she has had run-ins with before. Hopefully that won’t be a problem this year. Her teacher seems to run a pretty tight ship but I think C will do just fine.

This one turned 17 months old:








She is a cute thing but can bring the attitude pretty quickly. For some reason, the library is a favorite tantrum spot. At 17 months, M:

–still in 12-18 mos. size clothes. No real idea about height or weight. Eyes still blue, hair blonder than ever (swimming + sun we think).

–blows kisses, gives big hugs, semi-willingly holds hands while walking, loves baby swings and slides, insists on climbing up and down stairs (and really walking everywhere), holds out ouchies for kisses, struggles like a wet cat for diaper changing time

–takes a wee nap every day but is getting pretty good about bedtime. Our trip, with a redeye flight and time change, has screwed things up a bit, but overall she goes to bed willingly (sometimes even reaching for the crib) and sleeps through the night about 1/2 of the time. However last night I did spend an hour trying to sleep on her floor with one arm reaching up through the bars of the crib to hold her hand. So, you know, things aren’t perfect 😉

–is getting used to the daycare at the Y for my thrice weekly 45 minute workouts. Again, the trip may have screwed with this (we’ll find out on Thursday) but she tends to let out a big sob when I drop her off and be totally fine and playing when I pick her up.

–likes ketchup on her fries and butter on her bread. Big fan of the dairy, grain, and fruit groups. Will eat any kind of ice cream at any time. Pretty willing to try anything (i.e., has had sushi) but tends to chew things and then let them fall back out of her mouth. It is like eating with a combination wine taster/food mill and makes for some pretty disgusting clean up experiences post-meal. She also lacks an understanding of the concept of “unripe” and thus can be found plucking white strawberries and hard tomatoes out of the garden and eating them.

–finally got that 8th tooth.

–signs a little (more, all done) says “da da” all day long, a little “ma ma” here and there. Also says dog and cat, but makes the same noise for all animal noises (sounds like a little cough). Seems to understand that most of her important thoughts can be communicated with a combination of vigorous pointing and screams.

–loves books, Little People, sand, stacking puzzles, unloading cupboards, the cat, and whatever C is playing with.

–will play on her own quite contentedly until she realizes that I am doing something in the kitchen involving hot pans and/or sharp knives, at which point she must be held right then.

–puts on all sorts of hats, shoes, and jewelry to play dress up but continually takes off sun hats outside and her normal shoes while in the car.

–is growing up way, way too fast.


One Response to “My Big Girls”

  1. Jen Says:

    Ok, seriously, I am SO GLAD you do this blog. I don\’t look at it nearly as often as I wish, but when I do I am always totally thrilled with what I find.I laughed out loud at C giving you the hand for taking the the sweater-is-coming-off picture and at the idea of you sleeping on the floor next to M with your arm in her crib (that one was a laugh of sympathy).

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