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Random September 16, 2009

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When we were visiting the grandparents, C’s grandma was telling her about a tree out back that had borers and was not doing so well. Grandpa had cut off some branches in the spring, but it still looked like it was going to have to be cut down. C piped up “Don’t worry Grandma! Maybe the tree will persevere!” Using persevere in a sentence, correctly, unprompted at age 5 3/4? I guess reading to your kids works.

While we were driving home from the first day of school, C was playing with an acorn she found. She was scraping it with her nail and getting dirt all over her uniform. C, says I, you are getting dirt all over! “This isn’t dirt mommy,” saith C, “it is nature crumbs.” What do you think dirt is? [Much smaller voice]: “Nature crumbs.”

M has learned the word “hot”. She loves to eat my food—particularly soup, multigrain hot cereal, and roasted carrots. She wants each bite fresh (i.e., you can’t scoop a bunch in her bowl at once) and for each bite you put in her bowl she looks up solemnly and asks “ha?” She has also started to use it when entering a car that has been sitting in the sun.

I have been lifting weights at the Y for a few weeks and there is nothing like a small room filled with classic rock, someone discussing tricked out Hummers, and a musclebound fellow in a Crocodile Dundee hat trying to impugn the competitiveness of the other muscle bound guys to motivate you to finish your routine quickly and get the hell out. Better than our old Somerville (well, strictly, Medford) gym though which was classic rock, neck tattoos and extreme grunting. That place you were pretty convinced there were just jars of steroids in the men’s locker room. The Y locker room is filled with naked old people (at least the women’s is, so I assume the same of the men’s). I am just getting back into lifting, but the program I am following promises that in a few months I will be able to do unassisted pull-ups. I have never done an unassisted pull-up (even for the Presidential Test of Physical Fitness I did the lame “arm hang”) so we’ll see what happens.

I hate to admit to this publicly (or, to you, my three readers), but the kitchen is suddenly filled with fruit flies. They are like that though—one day, you think maybe there is a fruit fly, and then the next…that’s biology for you. The place has been scoured for rotten fruit (none found), the cleaning lady came today, but still there they are. The web, in its infinite wisdom, suggests apple cider vinegar as a lure (catch more flies with honey doesn’t work for the fruit variety apparently). Lacking apple cider vinegar, I attempted to use Umeboshi Plum vinegar (what? not a pantry staple at your house?) but a one night trial proved it is not an adequate substitute. Before cracking open my bottle of Orange Muscat Champagne vinegar I decided to drag the girls to the grocery store and shell out the 97 cents or whatever for the apple cider variety. I am hiding out upstairs right now, a bit afraid to brave the kitchen again in the morning. Hopefully they will be dead and not angry—and organized.

Two of our best tomato plants fell over (due to weight) while we were in Cleveland. The tomatoes continue to ripen but since they are closer to the ground a different problem has arisen. Tomato looks beautiful…until…aaaaaaaaaaa.






Oddly, the garden is undergoing some sort of rebirth—the pepper plants that remained two inches tall the entire summer suddenly started sprouting peppers, the tiny, stunted cucumber plant had blossoms today, and a second dahlia finally started blooming!








Our area has way more spiders than any place I can remember living. The backyard is filled with them—between any two vertical items there is a web and with a fairly plump fellow like this one. Makes harvesting the tomatoes…a bit questionable for one freaked out by spiders such as myself. If only they were close enough to the house to get all the @#)$(@*#$)(* fruit flies. On the other hand, we also have a lot of honeybees, and not everyone does, so that is, uh, optimistic-izing. Or something. 






G is gone this week so I’ve been a bit frazzled. Bedtime has not been going so well. But this one always seems chipper during the day—who can be grouchy around this face? (A: me) Also caught the girls in some spontaneous yoga. That is some bend, eh? (C’s form is usually better, but she was on to me with the camera.)


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  1. Unknown Says:

    I\’m loving the yoga shot. This month, Gloria are trying "toddler yoga" at the local library and I have a, my, my, where have you been all my life? reaction. Plus you\’ve got to love the 2-year-old trying to say "namaste". Glad the girls are seasoned old pros at it!! So cute!

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