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All of a sudden, fall September 29, 2009

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Rainy, cold, getting dark early…yep, it is fall in Seattle. The good weather (sunny, 70s) lasted until this past weekend, but now fall has settled in. All of a sudden we noticed that the leaves have started changing. This is the last weekend for a bunch of farmers’ markets that I frequent (big sob). But fall does bring one big thing…

Our 10 year anniversary!

Where does the time go? 10 years seems like a big deal, so we are leaving town for a long weekend…without the girls. I am fairly apprehensive about this, having never spent a night away from C, much less little M. Grammie and Grampie will be here with the girls, taking over school, homework, birthday party attending, and diaper changing duties for a bit. Hopefully there won’t be too much crying (by anyone). G and I are headed to San Francisco for some good food and hopefully a last gasp of good weather too.

What I won’t miss? Foot stomping, poopy diapers, the endless asking of girls to sit down, sit still, finish their milk, and stop picking their nose, that no-fail 6:30 alarm clock (which often still occurs after a 4 am practice run), the whining that occurs during hair (C) and teeth (M) brushing, reading the same book for the eighth or ninth time in a row, 20 minutes of scraping food off the floor after a 5 minute meal, making a big, fresh, veggie rich meal only to hear “but what am Iiiiiiiii having for dinner?”, and did I mention poopy diapers?

What will I miss?    









Do you think maybe they’ll take a call?









I worry most about little M of course, although at least Saturday and Sunday she will have her big sister looking out for her.






She does love that big sister—now known as something like “sha sha” in little kid language.

However, whenever I think of sleeping in and eating at a restaurant without kids…I get a little bit giddy. Hopefully my parents will still be speaking to us when we return (especially as they are staying on another three days after that). Look at those girls..angels, I tell you, just little angels. No worries Mom and Dad!


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