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1.5 October 12, 2009

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M turned 18 months old last Thursday and although we recognized it here (ice cream and a shared piece of cake from the grocery store) and took some photos, life got a bit in the way of blogging it. I am here to remedy that oversight posthaste.

She had her 18th month checkup that day, and weighed in around 21 lbs. 9 oz. (I think….it might be 21.9 lbs, cannot quite tell from the checkup sheet) and a bit over 32”. Putting her again at the lower end of the weight range (25%) and higher end of the height (75%) with a sizeable noggin to match (75%). She was very very good for the dr., sitting quietly for ear checks, stethoscope and the like. The dr. said she is in the “top 1%” of co-operators for this age. Hmmm. She has never had to give her a bath (right Grampy??). Healthy as ever, despite the slight cold she has been battling for over a week now. Oh, and molar number 2 is making its entrance. Who needs a full night sleep right?

The checkup sheet noted “might begin to walk up stairs” as an 18 month activity. This one has been going up and down stairs…and slides, kitchen chairs, rocking chairs, really whatever seems close and climbable.








She continues to plow through food, with yogurt, oatmeal, grapes, corn on the cob, and whatever everyone else is eating being particular favorites. Has shown a particular interest in dipping lately—wants to dip her own pita in the hummus (and then licks it off and wants to dip again…fair warning for any visitors to our house). Also likes to pick her own chip and dip it in salsa. Continues to ask for hot food, look at you solemnly, and ask “ha?” [meaning hot] Has also figured out how to sign for “more” and uses it to great effect. Is also a bit lazy about chewing, and will squish all the soft part out of a grape half and then spit out the skin. Usually she saves up a few grapes’ worth in her mouth before spitting. She has gotten a bit better about spitting into a bowl instead of into my hand (or worse, onto my arm) so that is a step forward, right?

If she falls down, slips, or gets the slightest bump, demands kisses. I mean, the slightest bump. On the other hand, if you get a bump, she runs over and tries to kiss your arm (regardless of what was bumped).

Dances—a broad head nod, flappy hands, and some fast stomping. I need to get this on video. Also, I have to get video of her riding on her rocking snail and/or horse. On the horse she prefers to have me sing a horse riding song to accompany her.

Vocabulary has been expanding lately. “Nada” seems to mean “another” (usually refers to grapes, milk, or lately Kleenex). Says “mom” quite clearly now, while patting me. Has a word for C, says “hi” and “bye”, “kitty”, “dog”, “ball” and makes an animal noise (sounds like clearing the throat, a kind of “krch”). Can show you her mouth, nose, eyes, hair, foot, hand, and belly button. Still a bit hazy on chin, cheek, ear, and a few others. Her receptive language is very good, although she obviously selectively ignores statements that we will be home soon for a snack, that it isn’t naptime so she shouldn’t fall asleep in the car because it will ruin her nap, and to please not put food on my arm.

Loves to play with C’s dolls and often carries three or more around. Helps around the house (hands me things out of the dishwasher to put away, carries clean bibs down the stairs, gets her own shoes as soon as I say “It is time to go pick up C!”). Enjoys a good swing, “riding” on the little tricycle (no pedaling yet), and reading books. Really a lovely little girl (although frankly I could do without the nightly teeth brushing battle).







Of course, M’s half birthday also means that C’s actual birthday is drawing quite near…just 10 days away now! She is hoping for a pogo stick and a Ken doll if anyone wonders.


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