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Fall October 15, 2009

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We head over to the pumpkin patch at South 47 Farm every year to pick out pumpkins for carving and squash for eating. Someone this year threw quite a fit and refused to walk next to the wheelbarrow. I alternated between letting her ride in the wheelbarrow (please, don’t judge—I already suffered the disapproval of the family that felt the need to tell me that wheelbarrows are not very stable) and carrying her under one arm while wheeling the wheelbarrow. Fun times.









While my back was turned those two managed to load about 40 mini squash in the cart. Of course, M’s favorite game is “move a group of stuff from one place to another” so I shouldn’t have been surprised. C has grand plans for all the jack o’ lanterns “we” will carve.  

Fall in Seattle always means “grab the sunshine while you can”. So on a recent weekend afternoon we headed to a big playground for some fun.









That’s us, we even have fun in the restrooms. M went down the slide over and over again, even though it was a fast one—several times she flew off the end (I mean, not far…)

I am working on a skirt for C’s birthday (must finish before guests come to stay in the craft room…since M is in the guest room until she stops waking up so much at night and we can put the girls in a room together…) and keep worrying that I am adding too much color and “stuff” to it. Then I look at outfits that C picks out for herself…I am thinking maybe “too much” isn’t in her vocabulary.


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