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6 October 25, 2009

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Been a flurry of activity here, with grandparents in town and C’s birthday. For some reason, I have not been taking very many photos lately—no photos of my parents’ visit here, almost none of G’s parents’ visit, and only a few from C’s birthday. But hopefully the memories will live on anyway.

C was quite excited about her coming birthday, and we all stoked it by saying things like “this is the last Monday you will be 5". The night before her birthday, C said that she was imagining being 6 and it felt really good. She especially noted that although she still can’t reach all the way around G, her hands were closer. She apparently told her teacher that when she woke up the morning of her birthday, “all” her teeth were loose. Hmmm.

I baked the requested ice cream cone cupcakes for her school celebration and Grandpa and I headed to school at 1:45 to participate in the festivities. The whole class went around in a circle and all said something that they like about C—hard-worker, does good artwork, and “plays with me” were the top answers. I admit, I teared up. There was some singing and game playing and finally cupcake eating.








Not a super flattering shot, but you can see the cupcake. (And her interesting headband choice…for what also was picture day. Sigh.)

Once C got home from school, present opening commenced. The day before she had already received her gift from Grandma and Grandpa—one of Grandpa’s old Standard Gage Lionel electric trains and a huge new set of track. Our dining room is now dominated by an electric train. Her actual birthday she opened gifts from us, M, and relatives. Legos, books, clothes, a yoga mat, Ken, and our coup, a NIP Pigs In Space playset off of eBay.






Again, crappy shot and you can barely see Dr. Strangepork. Having now opened the set, we are pretty impressed with the quality of “old” toys (vintage 1980 maybe?) and especially happy that it doesn’t make noise or use any batteries! Then it was off to Brix (C’s favorite restaurant…yes, a local wine bar) for Mac n Cheese and vanilla ice cream with a candle.

Friday C was forced to live as one of us mere mortals, while G and I madly rearranged the house after the departure of the grandparents and pending the arrival of six little girls to celebrate on Saturday. C had picked a Muppet theme, and as you may know if you have been at any party stores lately, the Muppets are not currently very popular. G and I put our little crafty heads together and came up with a make your own puppet craft and three games: pin the Swinetrek on earth (space poster from Michael’s + printed Swinetreks courtesy of le internet), fish throwing game (four bowls from the kitchen, four sewn together fish shaped beanbags, and a printout of the muppet fish throwing character), and muppet bingo (with seven cards made by G with resized pictures—each card randomized to avoid simultaneous winners). C had picked cupcakes for the treat (this time purchased from local Sweet Cakes) which we accessorized with skewers with Muppet pictures (again, thank you interwebs). Finally, some Miss Piggy sticker sets in the goodie bags. Phew. I am sure all the kids who had no idea who the muppets were enjoyed themselves.






C declined to wear her Beaker costume, but hopefully it will make it to Halloween and we can get some good shots then.

Although she got quite hyper at her party (actually laying on the floor and shaking her legs in the air at one point) C had settled down enough today to help clean up the house. She spent the rest of the time divided between playing with legos, playing with the Pigs in Space playset, and playing Barbies. A good day.

At 6, C is just about 43 inches tall and, um, to be honest I can’t remember she weighs. Just enough for a booster seat. But, I can say for sure that she is quite skinny, making clothes buying a challenge. She loves books, arts n crafts, her sister, playdates, dressing up, vanilla ice cream, the Berenstain Bears, cheese, french toast, and the color turquoise. She is quite the sensitive soul, today bursting into tears during a reading of Duck at the Door (a basically not at all sad book). Cognizant of her own fears, she has decided to put off watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty until she turns 7. Her biggest unfulfilled birthday wish was for a pogo stick (no one could find one appropriate to her age and weight). After learning about the environment and recycling in school she continually begs for things out of the trash saying she is going to “reduce that into a craft”. Her teacher sings her praises as a student. She has calluses on her hands from swinging on the monkey bars and next week starts a higher level swimming class at the Y. We are thrilled beyond belief that this kid has been in our lives for six whole years and can’t wait to see what this year, and all the years afterwards, bring. And not just because G and I like playing with legos, electric trains, and pigs in space playsets.   


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