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Pumpkin carving October 27, 2009

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For the past three years we have attended a pumpkin carving party at a friend’s house. C has gotten increasingly interested in what the pumpkins will look like. This year she had several sketches done before hand, and we also had perused an article in Family Fun magazine (which took over my much missed Wondertime magazine subscription). Here we have…

G’s pumpkin, more like a gourd assemblage. The acorn eyes have since gone missing; rogue squirrel suspected.








C’s pumpkin. G helped with the eyes and nose, but the mouth she carved herself (with those little pumpkin saws. Man do those make it easier) and the design plan was all hers.








My pumpkin(s). Idea blatantly taken from above referenced magazine and G did the fins on the bigger fish. But it is my blog so I am taking credit.





The pumpkins have been busily rotting on the front steps ever since (thanks Seattle rain!) although a liberal application of slug bait has helped them last a bit longer than last year’s did.  

M wasn’t much interested in pumpkin carving, but she did show up for the pictures at the end—complete with necklace and carrying around an easter basket and plastic eggs. 








In other news, I managed to pry open M’s mouth today and discovered that in addition to the one molar which had already come in at her 18 month checkup just 2.5 weeks ago, not one, not two, but ALL THREE other molars have broken through. This might explain the terrible sleeping nights we I have been barely surviving the last week or so. (PLEASE, let this explain them!)


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