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A few thoughts on food October 29, 2009

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It is so nice that M basically eats adult food. Today we both had hummus with pita, cheese, honeycrisp apple and carrot with hijiki salad for lunch. (She also had milk and about a hundred grape halves; I had sliced tomato with my hummus and ate it as a sandwich in the pita. But basically, the same food). Last night she ate pan fried vegetable wontons. I have read Hungry Monkey, I know this might not last, but for now it sure is nice not to make double meals.

Is there a rule somewhere that I have to eat the ice cream leftover from C’s birthday party while G is out of town? Oh, and the two leftover cupcakes too? I am pretty sure there is a rule, but I can’t find the citation anywhere. Best to eat it just in case.

It might have been overkill to make homemade bread, warm cabbage salad, and poached eggs for dinner tonight for just the girls and I (did I mention G was out of town for the week?) I mean, the bread is just standard five minutes a day bread from dough in the fridge, and poached eggs aren’t too tricky, but when I was chasing M away from the stove while trying to toast and lightly caramelize the sunflower seeds for the salad I did think, maybe this is too much. It was tasty salad though.

I am not too consistent about making my own bread, but for several months have been very good about making our own yogurt. So tired of trashing all those little containers (M eats yogurt every day and I eat it most days). I did find a yogurt maker that comes with glass jars instead of plastic (Euro Cuisine) and use our local milk delivery milk and Trader Joe’s non fat plain greek yogurt as my starter. Saving money, saving packaging, no additives or weird sweeteners…feeling fairly smug yogurt wise.

C’s school is having Halloween parties galore tomorrow, and treats were requested. Now, I am usually the parent who rails against all these freaking treats at school…but was feeling guilty that I can’t volunteer at the party (right during M’s nap…and did I mention that G is out of town?) and saw these bloodshot doughnut hole eyeballs in my Family Fun magazine. [I know…getting that magazine makes me sound incredibly lame. I had actually been getting Wondertime but Family Fun picked up the subscriptions when they went belly up. And in fact we have done several crafts out of Family Fun. So I guess I am just that lame.] Dip doughnut hole in melted white chocolate chips, put on chocolate chip for pupil, add red squiggle for bloodshot-ness. So of course I email the teacher and volunteer to bring a snack, not just a snack but these eyeballs, and not just make the eyeballs, but make them with C.

Will I never learn?

I am going to blame substandard doughnut holes (found at the third store we tried today and we could only choose between glazed and powdered. Which would you think better to coat in white chocolate?) Also, I had some issues with melting the chocolate. I overcame them by adding….some of a Crisco stick. The instructions wanted you to stick the holes on a fork, but our holes kept breaking in two right away. Sigh. Thus our Halloween scariness for today was mostly my language. Also, you were supposed to clip the points off of the pupil chocolate chips, and I set C to work on that while I was doing something with M. Came back downstairs, and all the ends are off, but the chips seemed damp. Turns out SHE BIT ALL THE ENDS OFF of something that was going to all the students in her class. At least I found out before putting them on all the holes right? Anyway, it took me until 10 pm to finish them, and they are quite lumpy looking:







(Pictured: magazine shot of perfectly round, smooth eyeballs. My lumpy eyeballs. Glass of wine for comfort.)

So tomorrow I drop her off with doughnut holes covered in white chocolate mixed with shortening and coated in red dye. I think I have lost all credibility in the “let’s cut down on treats at school” department.

At least I didn’t promise to make the spinach dip based graveyard pictured at the top of the magazine, right?

Fingers crossed that C’s costume works out ok tomorrow. She is Beaker from the Muppets, and I think none of the kids will know who that is, since as far as I know Muppet repeats from the late 70s aren’t on Noggin.


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