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Halloween (parenthetically) November 3, 2009

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C was Beaker from the Muppets. This costume was her choice and she and G made it themselves (Value Village + Michaels = costume heaven). I think her enthusiasm was dulled a bit at her school party, because most of the kids didn’t know who Beaker was (and even many of the teachers were too young). She was quite surprised to have been the only Beaker (??!). For trick or treating, G made a Bunsen Honeydew puppet-type thing to carry along with them so that the costume was (somewhat) more obvious. Sadly, I got my (poor quality) photos at the end of the evening, when the glasses (which really made the puppet) had been lost. (Especially sad since they were actually an old pair of G’s prescription glasses. We only made it through our cul de sac and went around with a flashlight right after realizing they were gone; but the glasses have not turned up.)







M was a lion, wearing C’s costume from the Halloween she was 2. For about a week before, M had been unwilling to put the costume on, but when the day came, she was completely into it. Wanted to walk to all the houses, held out her pumpkin bag, and even said “thu” afterwards (I believe this was Thank You). 









Somehow I (again) made the mistake of not buying enough candy (6 bags, but the peanut butter cups turned out to have way fewer per bag than expected). M had amused herself by putting C’s candy into her (M’s) bag. Once I went upstairs to put M to bed, G put what he thought was M’s candy out for the trick or treaters. So C had a pretty paltry haul this year. Unlike me as a kid though, she hasn’t really noticed or asked for much candy since Halloween. (Eventually, we had to just turn out the lights outside and hide in the house, and even still people would come and ring the bell!)

The really scary thing on Halloween? Our two weeks old pumpkins.







Earlier in the day, the kids were full of crazy energy, so we took them to the playground to try to burn it off. They discovered a new game—climb up the slide, run over to the edge, jump into daddy’s arms. (Mommy would not do…although then mommy didn’t have sore arms the next day either!)

I love so many of these shots…click through to see a full album.


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