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M at 20 months + 3 days December 10, 2009

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What can I say? It is the holiday season, I am woefully behind on shopping and other plans, and blogging got away from me.

M is our mischievous little angel. Cute as a button but a complete danger seeking missile. She runs, she “jumps”, she pulls chairs over to the kitchen laptop so she can climb up and better see the Evian Roller Babies commercial on YouTube, or (alternately) play with the nicer glassware and sharp knives in the dish drying rack. Figured out how to climb in and out of her own highchair. Has such complete trust in us that she will “jump” (more like a forward fall) from a step, bed, or pool edge with no notice. I think we have managed to catch her every time. Last week managed to fall at swimming class (slipped on a wet floor and of course her head had to hit the corner of the bench in the changing area) and then later sustain an even bigger bruise in the middle of her forehead when C tried to shake her off and the back of C’s head connected with the front of M’s. This has not swayed M from continued sister climbing.

Staunchly refuses to hold a hand in the parking lot, and in fact with run off given the chance. Thus is often carried screaming through parking lots, to the admiring praise of many onlookers. Ahem. At least she has stopped protesting the grocery store cart for more than the first minute or so.

She points out every dog she sees (with a loud “Doooooooooooogggggg” and then “chhhzwh” which is her bark) but is shy when a dog comes over to be petted. Makes kissy noises under the impression that the cat will come running to her. Climbs up when you aren’t looking to grab the cereal box and attempt to pour her own bowl. Also likes to tip the bowl and drink the milk at the end. Goes for walks where she is mostly pushed on her trike, and looks like a little motorcyclist holding on to the handlebars and observing. All goes well until she tests the coaster brakes, much to the pushers surprise. Insists on playing with whatever C is playing with, especially markers and scissors.

Has been quite surprised by the Christmas tree and “rearranges” ornaments constantly (mostly, removing them and handing them to me to be put on. But several have also been crushed or otherwise ruined.) Demanded that I remove her jacket and sweater so she could play at the water table at the science center, and then tried to remove her own pants. Loves socks and shoes (and trying on our shoes) but refuses to wear socks without shoes. Loves books, blowing raspberries on your arm, and mauling her sister. Has shown an unfortunate interest in hair pulling, neck pinching, and biting. Knows the location of every phone and remote in the house and can empty a box of Kleenex in 20 seconds flat. Really looks forward to my protein shake when we get back from the gym and starts shouting “ME! ME!” as soon as the blender comes out (she just gets a little).

Stopped her pattern of alternating 1 and 2 hour naps and has dropped back down to all 55 minute naps. Still better than 45 minutes, but not by much. Goes to sleep easily, but wakes up between 3 and 6 and cries and cries…she will stop if I stand over her crib, but the minute I try to lay down on C’s bed (did I mention they are sharing a room now?) starts crying again. So spends the early morning with us. At least now she mostly goes back to sleep. C blames “tiredness from M crying” for her slow mornings, but has protested greatly any hint of M being moved back into a different room.

Suddenly allows teeth brushing without requiring 20 minutes of negotiation and a straight jacket. Still insists that cups with straws need to be tilted all the way up just like sippy cups. Causes much fun in restaurants, especially because she will FREAK OUT if you try to hold the cup to keep it down. Is very much a do-it-herself girl, including times where she insists on putting on her own coat, blowing her own nose, and wiping her own bottom. None of these go very well. Adopts routines without warning—one day, she happens to hold a baby doll for her pre-nap routine, suddenly two dolls and a stuffed bunny are required attendees at every pre-bedtime event.

Says “Bye Char” off and on for about 3 hours after we drop C at school. Shouts C’s name whenever we catch sight of a photo of her (and with photos as screen savers on several computers in the house this is often). Delights in crawling into her bed and loving on her in the mornings. Brings me a book called “Sisters” to read often.

Weighs 22ish pounds (very unscientific home scale method) and is roughly in 18-24 month clothes (although, man, the pant lengths vary wildly). Has a bit of a cold right now and seems to be cutting a canine. Has two handfuls of words (mama/mum, da, char, dog, kitty, fish, ball, yeah, hi, bye, phone, book, open, up, shirts, socks, shoe, belly button (bub)…maybe a few others, can’t think of them right now) and of course vigorously signs “more” to mean “meet my demand right now!”.

Was a bit of a troublemaker when we were trying to take passport photos today. 


This Lovely Family December 6, 2009

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(Mostly annual day after Thanksgiving trip to Fremont, picking out a Christmas tree, and riding the carousel at Seattle Center’s winterfest.)

Not really the formal portrait types are we?

Thanksgiving was with G’s cousin and said cousin’s girlfriend. Boutique and thrift shopping around Fremont the day after. C scored some new (old) boots and a hat, G scored a new (old) leather coat and I scored some new (new) coats. The girlfriend had long dark hair and wore a lot of high heels, so C was all over her during the visit. Sat next to her for every meal, laid in her lap for part of Thanksgiving dinner, begged her for books, and said she was the best part of Thanksgiving.













(cousins, new hat, new boots)

Weather has been surprisingly good lately, with not much rain. This week the frosts started which means icy roads, especially up the hill to our house. Discovered that C’s winter coat is a size 3T. Ahem. New coat should arrive tomorrow. If you wondered how much not in a city we live…well, here we are visiting one of our neighbors (OK, about a five minute walk down the street).







Hoping to do an M review on Tuesday when she turns 20 mos. old. She is quite the little character lately. She even styles her own photos (sweater and hat both made by me, although only sweater is actually for M). Second picture shows another day when she picked her own hat—an interesting choice on a day requiring mittens.