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This Lovely Family December 6, 2009

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(Mostly annual day after Thanksgiving trip to Fremont, picking out a Christmas tree, and riding the carousel at Seattle Center’s winterfest.)

Not really the formal portrait types are we?

Thanksgiving was with G’s cousin and said cousin’s girlfriend. Boutique and thrift shopping around Fremont the day after. C scored some new (old) boots and a hat, G scored a new (old) leather coat and I scored some new (new) coats. The girlfriend had long dark hair and wore a lot of high heels, so C was all over her during the visit. Sat next to her for every meal, laid in her lap for part of Thanksgiving dinner, begged her for books, and said she was the best part of Thanksgiving.













(cousins, new hat, new boots)

Weather has been surprisingly good lately, with not much rain. This week the frosts started which means icy roads, especially up the hill to our house. Discovered that C’s winter coat is a size 3T. Ahem. New coat should arrive tomorrow. If you wondered how much not in a city we live…well, here we are visiting one of our neighbors (OK, about a five minute walk down the street).







Hoping to do an M review on Tuesday when she turns 20 mos. old. She is quite the little character lately. She even styles her own photos (sweater and hat both made by me, although only sweater is actually for M). Second picture shows another day when she picked her own hat—an interesting choice on a day requiring mittens.


One Response to “This Lovely Family”

  1. Jen Says:

    I love how C is so focused on Gus in every picture they\’re in together. What an adorable pair!It was so great to see you guys at Thanksgiving. My only regret is leaving the camera in the car. We\’re looking forward to June! xox

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