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Ugga Bugga Wugga January 21, 2010

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C had her school play last night and it was quite the production. Pretty much what you would expect with about 60 Kindergarteners in an adaptation of “Where the Wild Things Are”. Several forgotten lines, songs not quite with the music, some whisper quiet recitations. I think all of us were proud as heck. Can’t wait to get my DVD in the mail! (C was thinking we would get it on the way out of the show, so she could immediately start reliving the good old times. Technology isn’t quite that fast yet.)

C was a “woogie”, which was one of the four types of wild things. She nailed her songs and dance moves, and even picked up a second line the night of the play due to another child’s illness. They have been rehearsing since the beginning of the school year and a note about making costumes came home fairly early on. C and I discussed options (only requirement from the school was “green”), narrowed down our fabric choices in early December and then I started sewing in early Jan. Might have left it a bit late. I made her leggings (Ottobre magazine pattern), a fur dress (modified at Ottobre mag pattern), a fur hood (Ottobre again with some modifications and self-drafted horns) and webbed feet with fur cuffs (G and I drafted these together). I was pretty glad with how it came out and C’s dress is made such that she could probably wear it for years (serged, bias bound edges, etc). She is also wearing some green leather gloves we found at a used clothing store.









As it turned out, a lot of the mom’s brought their “A” game to costume making (including one who reportedly spent $250 on a woogie costume) and ours was not the slam dunk I had hoped for. Of course, that is a totally selfish thing to have wanted. However she eschewed some of the louder decoration suggestions we had which would have added flash and looked better on stage. (And we denied her request for face makeup which was going to consist of “big red lips”.) Anyway, although my costume making pride was a bit tarnished, C seemed quite happy with the costume, the play, and perhaps especially the trip to Dairy Queen afterwards. And I am eager to sew something that is not fur soon 😉

In other news….

M continues to make interesting fashion choices, preferring things such as C’s much larger gloves or wearing two jackets at once, with the bulkier one underneath.









Caught this cute shot the other day of C reading to M (she isn’t always willing to read, and M isn’t always willing to listen to her, but when they will…a few golden minutes for me!)







We all came through some sort of stomach flu last holiday weekend, which has put everything at home behind. Finally catching up on laundry and mail and hoping that M gets over her sickness induced clinginess soon. Because she brooks no dissent.


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