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Relentless forward progress? February 2, 2010

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Tuesday, 11 pm. Garbage and yard waste out. Finally demolished the evergreen Christmas wreath that was still on the front door, putting all the branch parts into the yard waste. Gathering a bunch of books to take to the used book store and a bunch of other stuff to give to the Community Services to the Blind during their pickup on Friday. Way, way behind on my photography class. Caught up (enough) on laundry, except for the folding part. Ugh. Living and playrooms straightened up enough that the cleaning lady (or as we call her, the “good person”) can get her job done tomorrow. Dishes washed and/or loaded. And now my free time starts [pause for laughter]. Man, I kind of hate it when G is out of town.

However, have just about finished a shirt and skirt for C for our Mexico vacation, and in fact she has requested to wear the shirt tomorrow to school for “beach clothes” day. I have another shirt and skirt and two or more dresses planned to make, and we leave…well fairly soon. So, maybe, maybe not. C is finally healthy and M just has a runny nose and intermittent cough after three weekends in a row of someone (or all of us!) being sick.

Oh, and because we are so not busy, and because it is such a great time to sell a house…we bought a new house and are moving next month. Surprised? Me too. Excited as well. I mean, between the panic parts. Luckily it is just about 15 minutes away, so moving shouldn’t be too crazy. [pause for laughter] We will be walking distance to a public school for C to start next year, several restaurants and coffee shops, bank and post office, two grocery stores, the library, a sweet bike path, playground, and public space which hosts art fairs and music concerts, and even my gym (well, that one is about 1.5 miles away). So pretty excited about that part. I would however like to then NOT MOVE for some extended period of time. This will be C’s 4th lifetime house which seems a bit much.

Today the sun came out so M and I took advantage. Her language is taking off and she understands an incredible amount. She also is very, very much a do-it-yourself type kid—wants to pick out her own outfits, tells me when her diaper needs changing, has specific ideas about which baby dolls are required for her to go to sleep, etc. etc. etc. She also likes to climb in and out of her own high chair, and worse, sit on the back of it. Which accounts for the bruise you may notice in some of the pictures. Today we took a tiny doll stroller on our walk and M insisted on bringing two dolls with us, despite the fact that only one fits in the stroller. She was pretty sure that one could fit in the other’s lap. Evidence to the contrary could not dissuade her. “NOOOOOOO! Lap mama!” (repeat until ears ring) Sigh. She drives me a little bit crazy but her cuteness saves her (that, and the fact that she has started saying “sorry, mama, sorry”. Not when she is naughty, but still…cuteness.) She will be 22 months next Monday.















Oh, and finally got a picture of C in her “birthday skirt”—I made this as a birthday gift for her, but while she claimed to love it she refused to wear it for several months because she “didn’t want to make the kids at school jealous”. Hmm. From a Favorite Things pattern with the pink “piping” added by me and pockets from a Made by Rae tutorial









(Yep, that is the sweater I made too.)


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