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M February 10, 2010

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M hit 22 months on Monday (also my birthday…but who’s counting?) but we were a bit, ah, preoccupied (see next post) so no documenting then.

She has been having lots of tea parties lately, including suggesting the “milk” and “sugar” and blowing on her cup before drinking it with a loud slurp. I have also caught her pretending to change her baby dolls diapers, patting them to sleep, and other pretend behaviors which I didn’t quite realize would kick in so soon. It is a joy to watch, although I kind of wish she hadn’t found the china tea set. (Note to Aunts B and G: the do it your self doll has become a favorite companion.)









The other day M started talking about potties a lot so I went out and got her a little one. And lo and behold…yesterday she used it four times and today 3 times. Yesterday included at the library (holding her on the big potty) and today included depantsing in the kitchen and then running to the stairs shouting potty so that we could take her up. Each day has also included some wet diapers, and right before we go on a trip isn’t the best time to train…but this is all M-driven so we are following her wherever she wants to go! (Ask me how happy I would be to have this one out of diapers before she is 3.5…..)

She has been talking up a storm lately, including some word combinations. Copies everything we say (declared herself “super sog” the other day). Likes to identify all the parts of the body on herself, anyone coming close, and dolls if need be. At a restaurant the other day a little boy was hanging into our booth and M stared and stared at him and then finally hid in my arms and said “I shy”. She and I have been having so much more fun communicating with each other now that it isn’t all screaming. Although I still am not so excited about hearing a little voice pop up in the back seat “shoes and socks, off”.

Eats sushi, saag from the Indian restaurant (ok, just once), spoonfuls of hummus, lotus bun from the chinese bakery, and just about anything else you offer her. Also has discovered ketchup and will eat it on anything (i.e., grapes).

Collects together a wide variety of toys (a bag of measuring cups, small folding chair, two dolls, and a headband) and then wants me to carry it all upstairs when we go for her nap. And then back down afterwards.

Has figured out how to climb in and out of her highchair and only fallen once. Ahem.









Suddenly was doing swimming strokes and kicks at the kitchen table but in the pool for her swimming class looks at the other kids with barely disguised amusement and has me carry her around with a minimum of participation.

Has definite opinions about outfits and shoes. Likes to put on any and all hats and accessories found about the house. Often seen with socks on her hand and someone else’s (much bigger) slippers on her feet.







Has gotten used to the Thursday sitter and has even taken naps for her (!!!!!) In fact has in general been taking a 1.5 hour nap without too much fuss. And…has been allowing me to put her to bed drowsy but awake. Sometimes we hear her talk to herself for a bit, but in general she doesn’t even do that. Now, this is just a few times, but still an amazing change from her old behaviors.

Still mostly refuses to hold a hand while walking anywhere, including parking lots, although will occasionally hold your hand and then go limp so that you have to pick her up by an arm. Great fun when one is walking in a crowded parking lot carrying bags. 

At the gym today (she likes to climb on scales) she was an even 25 lbs, although that is with clothes, shoes, and diaper on. She seems to finally be over the three week lingering cold and the little round belly that had quickly disappeared during the earlier flu has returned. Thank goodness. She still has little bursts of anger and tries to push C a bit too much, but overall is happy as can be and always enthusiastic. And I know that she really does love that big sis.


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