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Cozumel! February 24, 2010

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We’re back. Well, we’ve been back for a few days but the suitcases still aren’t fully unpacked so it doesn’t seem like very long. Coming down with a fever the night before leaving will do that to a person.

What do we have to show for a week in Mexico? Lots of bug bites, some “interesting” mask carvings that G and my father goaded each other into purchasing, one person with a sunburn (that would be Mr. I don’t need no stinking sunscreen before going on a diveboat for five hours) and three pale wonders, one black henna tattoo that will slowly wash off over 2 weeks (C), a stack of pesos that I forgot were in my wallet, and hundreds and hundreds of photos.

There were some wildlife sightings:













Rampant trademark infringement at Carnivale:













A few times, hijinks may have ensued:

















(Note that despite the obvious handicap, G did win the mini golf tournament. Let the record show however that we ended at hole 12 due to darkness and dinner time. And somewhere along the way missed either a hole or a recorded score. Not that that should detract from his win at all….) 

The kids soaked up some Grammy and Grampy time:

















Somebody spent as much time as possible the in the (unheated) pool while someone else mostly just dipped their toes in: 








The men experienced historic ruins, beer balancing senoras, and shopping stop after shopping stop (while the ladies opted to not drag the kids on a multiple hour bus trip which also involved two ferries, started before 7 am and didn’t end until after 9pm):








Hobbies were indulged (although no pics of Grampy with his “cuban” cigars):













There was ice cream aplenty (and chips and salsa as well). And a certain glamour queen:









What else…C got a few braids (she keeps calling pampering “hampering”), we met some neat people diving (somehow describing a dive as “f’ing brilliant” sounds so much better with an English accent), everyone enjoyed pumping their water and throwing their toilet paper in the trash can…., we discovered that the somehow no one uses measuring cups or spoons (or at least they don’t buy them from the local stores), and found that much to our chagrin the beach club next door allows wedding receptions to BLAST their music until 5am.

In the end…worth it.


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