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Hobbies February 25, 2010

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C might be my biggest supporter when it comes to hobbies. She is (almost) always excited to have me sew things for her and suggested the other night that I get a job as a tailor so I can sew dresses at home for her all day long (we were unable to fully explain how that plan and “job” weren’t really the same).

I had grand plans (don’t I always?) to sew a whole wardrobe of things for Mexico. As it was, I made two outfits (top + skirt) and for one of the tops I was forced to buy buttons an hour before we left for our plane and do some handsewing while in Mexico. (Actually, I kept putting that off and C was forced to ask me every day when I was going to finish her outfit.) As we drove home from the fabric store with the buttons (the choice of which had involved much debate) C piped up that she “loves everything I sew for her and even the things I make for M and Daddy.” Ah.

All these items are from Japanese sewing books. The turquoise print top is style A from Girly Style Wardrobe and the other three pieces are from a book whose title I don’t know but which is part of the Heart Warming Life series.







I was quite happy with how this skirt turned out (using some organic canvas I think from Pacific Fabrics?) it has a mock fly and a fair amount of topstitching. C picked the button (glittery blue) which would not necessarily have been my choice.

This is a circle skirt in polka dot with the waistband in the butterfly material and a single on seam pocket. The pocket turned out pretty well; I will need to take some detail shots of that. The blouse is in the butterfly material with the undercollar in polka dot. My first collar. I got the turn of cloth pretty well but it doesn’t lay as nicely as I would like it to. I am not sure that tucked in is the best look for this outfit, but it is the look C prefers about 90% of the time. Not sure that I will be rushing to make another blouse anytime soon, but this one turned out well enough (i.e., the mistakes are all on the inside!)






C is also often (not always) willing to indulge me for photography practice. Flying through Charlotte, NC was a chance we didn’t want to pass up…

She had her hair done the day before at a spa birthday party and even after the five hour redeye and breakfast at the insane hour of 6:30 am east coast (don’t even think about what time Seattle that was) is looking pretty peppy.







But my favorite shots of the trip are from an impromptu session with a hammock on the balcony of our rental condo.















(PS. C had a recheck today and her jaw is healing nicely. Now allowed to eat slightly chewier foods like cut up meatball (good luck with getting her to eat that though) but still on restricted activity. Next check is in 10 days and we are al hoping for some running and jumping after that one!)  


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