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News + Shenanigans March 2, 2010

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Somebody lost her first tooth yesterday! It was quite sudden—the bottom two teeth have been slightly loose for seemingly months, and then yesterday evening she mentioned that one was very loose and about an hour later it fell out during dinner. Quite surprising for an unsuspecting tooth fairy. Ahem. And we had no special pillow or anything to put the tooth in. I could have gone without the shouts about how much blood there was (especially since we were at a restaurant at the time) and G turns out to be surprisingly queasy about loose teeth. C is very enthused about the $5 the tooth fairy left and has been inquiring all day when we can go to a toy store and what toys will cost $5. Sigh. The other bottom tooth is fairly loose as well. How nice to have exciting news about her teeth and jaw.

C loves to dress up and apply face paint (well, face crayons). This weekend she was a “persian kitty” and made up her little sis as well. They both meowed fairly convincingly.









(M got her hair cut this weekend and I am not so thrilled with it. The bangs seem uneven. This is what I get for sending G to get her hair cut I suppose.)

Little M likes to do what the big kids are doing, so she spends some time on computers (although this one is out of power it doesn’t seem to hamper her at all) and playing with horse legos.









(If you look closely you might be able to see where M got a hold of a pen and drew all over her legs. She can find a pen in the house within 5 seconds, despite the fact that I can never find any pens when I need them.)

M can be quite stubborn and opinionated at times, but she is also fairly hilarious. Bubble blowing (didn’t notice that there was no liquid in the container), her new favorite “side down”, and not even sure what this was about…









(Note: it is indeed spring here already, with the crocuses, apple trees, magnolia trees, and forsythia all in bloom. But temps are not quite to the point of requiring shorts and a tank top. This falls into the “choose your battles” category. Especially when she wanted to complete the outfit with her unused winter boots the other day…)

One more of that proud girl who is so excited to get “grown up teeth”.


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