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Antics of C May 19, 2010

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Not as many pictures of C, just because she is at school during the day. And takes yoga and martial arts (two different classes) after school as well. We miss her.

She does love a little face painting.








She and G worked hard on her science fair project, making an electric generator from magnets and wire that lit up a tiny lightbulb. They also worked together on her poster for the fair. She was quite proud, and has since asked many guests to play school with her, as she points to the poster and explains (fairly accurately) how travelling electrons make the light bulb light up. 









She is loving the Magic Tree House books lately, and we read several a week. Sorry Berenstain bears, you have been demoted for the time being.

Many, many complaints lately about having to do homework. Long explanations of why she shouldn’t have to do any and how pointless it is. And why does M get to have art hour while she has homework hour? Seriously, the homework would take way less than an hour if there wasn’t so much complaining. And don’t even get me started on the continuous reminders needed EVERY SINGLE MORNING to get her clothes on, eat her breakfast, brush her teeth, etc. etc. We are continually running out the door with me yelling. Sigh. Next year her school is across the street and walkable, but starts at 8:40!

She also has been loving swimming classes, and has just three more skills to master before moving to the next level. If only we could find a swimsuit that doesn’t hang off her tiny little backside. Her height is such that she really needs size 6 now, but even pants that I manage to find in a 6 slim get cinched in at the waist. I get a lot of comments about how much she looks like me but there are some major differences 😉

She is a great big sister and often will play with M without complaint. In the backseat of the car I often hear M demand “hand! hand!” and then look back to see them holding hands across the carseat divide. It melts my heart.

Looking at this now, I realize I need to be taking a lot more pictures of C. She is growing up so fast and won’t always be this willing to oblige with a smile.









Or, um, whatever that expression is called. 


Antics of M

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M got an apron/hat/hot pad set for her birthday and has quite enjoyed it. Even while “nakey”.









But also in PJs.









Sometimes, she doesn’t want her photo taken.







The sound of cereal in a bowl brings her running, and she loves to have second breakfast when daddy is having first breakfast.







Somehow, eating usually involves getting food all over her face, although if her hands get dirty she immediately screams for “hands wiped, mommy.”









She is a bit of a daredevil (and our backyard garden needs a lot of work…)









Man. those eyes get me every time.









(Also, I got her a more traditional bob haircut, as opposed to what slowly was becoming a bowl haircut when G would take her. A few too many times that people thought she was a boy… Still growing out some of the side pieces, but looking very cute I think.)

What else….she talks a blue streak, but only around people she knows. The caregivers at the YMCA were pretty sure she wasn’t speaking yet. She can’t do “Ls” very well, so all bugs are “yadybugs” and she “yuvs” her mommy. A favorite phrase is “no, don’t want to” used in any and all contexts (“Mommy loves you M!” “No, don wan to.”) She wants to do everything herself, and there have been some real tears and screams when someone unthinkingly dared to close the garage door, turn off a light, or pick out some raisins for her. Luckily she accepts a redo. Which is why C agreed to go back into a room the other day and lay down and let M come in to wake her up. There was also an unfortunate incident in which she tried to change her own poopy diaper. Before bed or her nap, she always wants to read two books although sometimes she says two but brings three. I am on to her. She has an unusual affinity for cocktail gherkins, as discovered from party leftovers but when asked usually claims to only want “Mac Cheese”. Our first floor is arranged in a circle, and she loves to run around the loop and demand that everyone chase her, although upon catching her she will demand that you “stop ticking me”. She loves a whole bunch of baby dolls and will play with them for a little while, rocking and setting them up on C’s bed when they are “seepy”. Sometimes at swimming class she does all the moves—climbs out of the pool, paddles and kicks for all she worth, and will dip her face in to blow bubbles. Sometimes, not so much. But if you mention swimming class she immediately starts looking for her swimsuit, so I think it is a hit overall. Music class also went well, with M loving to play all the instruments and helping to clean up. She is quite a little character with an insane amount of energy, but we all love her like crazy.      









Even when she “don wan to”.


Turning 2 May 17, 2010

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M’s birthday was during the week and her grandparents and big sis were excited to celebrate. We opened presents in the afternoon, and M was certainly clued into the activity:















(Truck from big sis with a handmade card, more Little People!, and opening felt food from me and G)

That night we went out to dinner and then to Baskin Robbins where M blew out a candle in one of those ice cream cone frosting clown things from their freezer. Felt a little lame singing at the Baskin Robbins but the girls were happy.














The only thing marring the day was a freak accident had by poor C which resulted in multiple tiny puncture wounds on the bottom of her feet (suffered while running to get M another present…talk about going from happy to sad in an instant). Grandpa and Grandma distracted her with a Quarters of the US collecting book and a good sized set of quarters. If only her face weren’t so red from crying in these pictures!







That weekend, we held a huge 2nd birthday + housewarming party inviting all the new neighbors, lots of old neighbors, friends, and some of Charlotte’s school friends. All told we had maybe 60 people in the house, kids included. I WAY over-prepared food (not only did I cook one thing a night for the preceding four nights, but also cooked the day of, had the in-laws prepare fruit skewers, AND ordered three meat based appetizers from a local catering company). A lot of people went home with leftovers that day! We also had a pinata from Target which we were able to hang from a balcony inside the house. About 25 kids took turns smacking it, starting with the birthday girl and other smallest kids. It cracked a bit in the middle, causing some commotion, but held on until the very last kid! The scene bordered on chaos but ultimately was quite successful. We also had a nice cake from a local bakery.














OK, G is standing over me waiting to watch some TV…so more later! 


Tap tap tap….is this thing on? May 13, 2010

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Didn’t mean for that long silence to happen, especially since it took a while to go through the 400 photos I took since last transferring photos onto the computer. Ahem. Might take me a few posts to catch up.

So, we moved. The new house is great. And big. Will require us to buy some new furniture someday big. But for now the girls are enjoying having extra playrooms. There are a ton of neighbors with kids C and M’s ages, and nice days seem to find at least half of them outside playing. C’s school journal was very sad the day after we moved (“We moved to a new house and I don’t know anyone” with a sad girl illustration) but after the first weekend things were looking much better (“I played outside all weekend with new friends!”) Her new school (to start 1st grade in the fall) is right across the street and seems pretty good. Well, the hot lunch might not be so great, and I think we will bypass the hot breakfast—sausage on a stick and bagel sticks stuffed with cream cheese. Sigh. I bet Jamie Oliver would love WA though!

Otherwise, we are closer to shopping centers, when the need arises to make a Target run, and closer to the highway, when the need arises to hit the airport. We have walked to a variety of restaurants, playgrounds, a grocery store, and the coffee shop. M and I have been running (well, one of us sits in the jogging stroller) on the Sammamish River Trail multiple times and it is AMAZING for running. I am sure G will be on his bike one of these days as well.

Now, if only our old house would sell. And if I could get up the energy to finish unpacking the last two rooms. Sigh.

Since last I wrote we have celebrated Easter and M’s 2nd birthday, had a big party at the house, and been up to our usual shenanigans. Might as well just flood you with pictures.

M amused herself one of the move days (we had two days of packers and two days of moving) by dressing up in C’s green woogie costume.









The new kitchen is huge and has a great space to put C’s old play kitchen. This is one of my favorite toys, so I was very happy to see M take to it. She doesn’t actually play with it whenever I need to get something cooked in the kitchen for real, but often enough that it is worth stepping over random play food on the floor.






Breakfast of champions? Accessorizing is not an adventure for the faint hearted around here.






Sometimes the girls even play together! Which is why M knows the words princess, Barbie, and dress-up much earlier than is probably healthy.






Easter meant egg dyeing. Why I thought this would go smoothly with a not quite 2 year old is anyone’s guess. She has mastered the “dropping the egg into the cup” method of dyeing. Overall things went well though. 












It also meant marshmallow creme treats from Grammy.








Finally, we had two different egg hunts that morning, one with neighbors and one at a friend’s house. M was surprising clued into the first hunt, but quickly lost interest during the second and just played on the jungle gym. C’s enthusiasm didn’t waver.


















Next up….(hopefully sooner than two months from now)…what to give the 2 year old whose 6 year old sister already has everything? And, the barely controlled craziness of a piñata and 25 kids.