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Tap tap tap….is this thing on? May 13, 2010

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Didn’t mean for that long silence to happen, especially since it took a while to go through the 400 photos I took since last transferring photos onto the computer. Ahem. Might take me a few posts to catch up.

So, we moved. The new house is great. And big. Will require us to buy some new furniture someday big. But for now the girls are enjoying having extra playrooms. There are a ton of neighbors with kids C and M’s ages, and nice days seem to find at least half of them outside playing. C’s school journal was very sad the day after we moved (“We moved to a new house and I don’t know anyone” with a sad girl illustration) but after the first weekend things were looking much better (“I played outside all weekend with new friends!”) Her new school (to start 1st grade in the fall) is right across the street and seems pretty good. Well, the hot lunch might not be so great, and I think we will bypass the hot breakfast—sausage on a stick and bagel sticks stuffed with cream cheese. Sigh. I bet Jamie Oliver would love WA though!

Otherwise, we are closer to shopping centers, when the need arises to make a Target run, and closer to the highway, when the need arises to hit the airport. We have walked to a variety of restaurants, playgrounds, a grocery store, and the coffee shop. M and I have been running (well, one of us sits in the jogging stroller) on the Sammamish River Trail multiple times and it is AMAZING for running. I am sure G will be on his bike one of these days as well.

Now, if only our old house would sell. And if I could get up the energy to finish unpacking the last two rooms. Sigh.

Since last I wrote we have celebrated Easter and M’s 2nd birthday, had a big party at the house, and been up to our usual shenanigans. Might as well just flood you with pictures.

M amused herself one of the move days (we had two days of packers and two days of moving) by dressing up in C’s green woogie costume.









The new kitchen is huge and has a great space to put C’s old play kitchen. This is one of my favorite toys, so I was very happy to see M take to it. She doesn’t actually play with it whenever I need to get something cooked in the kitchen for real, but often enough that it is worth stepping over random play food on the floor.






Breakfast of champions? Accessorizing is not an adventure for the faint hearted around here.






Sometimes the girls even play together! Which is why M knows the words princess, Barbie, and dress-up much earlier than is probably healthy.






Easter meant egg dyeing. Why I thought this would go smoothly with a not quite 2 year old is anyone’s guess. She has mastered the “dropping the egg into the cup” method of dyeing. Overall things went well though. 












It also meant marshmallow creme treats from Grammy.








Finally, we had two different egg hunts that morning, one with neighbors and one at a friend’s house. M was surprising clued into the first hunt, but quickly lost interest during the second and just played on the jungle gym. C’s enthusiasm didn’t waver.


















Next up….(hopefully sooner than two months from now)…what to give the 2 year old whose 6 year old sister already has everything? And, the barely controlled craziness of a piñata and 25 kids.