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Turning 2 May 17, 2010

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M’s birthday was during the week and her grandparents and big sis were excited to celebrate. We opened presents in the afternoon, and M was certainly clued into the activity:















(Truck from big sis with a handmade card, more Little People!, and opening felt food from me and G)

That night we went out to dinner and then to Baskin Robbins where M blew out a candle in one of those ice cream cone frosting clown things from their freezer. Felt a little lame singing at the Baskin Robbins but the girls were happy.














The only thing marring the day was a freak accident had by poor C which resulted in multiple tiny puncture wounds on the bottom of her feet (suffered while running to get M another present…talk about going from happy to sad in an instant). Grandpa and Grandma distracted her with a Quarters of the US collecting book and a good sized set of quarters. If only her face weren’t so red from crying in these pictures!







That weekend, we held a huge 2nd birthday + housewarming party inviting all the new neighbors, lots of old neighbors, friends, and some of Charlotte’s school friends. All told we had maybe 60 people in the house, kids included. I WAY over-prepared food (not only did I cook one thing a night for the preceding four nights, but also cooked the day of, had the in-laws prepare fruit skewers, AND ordered three meat based appetizers from a local catering company). A lot of people went home with leftovers that day! We also had a pinata from Target which we were able to hang from a balcony inside the house. About 25 kids took turns smacking it, starting with the birthday girl and other smallest kids. It cracked a bit in the middle, causing some commotion, but held on until the very last kid! The scene bordered on chaos but ultimately was quite successful. We also had a nice cake from a local bakery.














OK, G is standing over me waiting to watch some TV…so more later! 


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