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Antics of C May 19, 2010

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Not as many pictures of C, just because she is at school during the day. And takes yoga and martial arts (two different classes) after school as well. We miss her.

She does love a little face painting.








She and G worked hard on her science fair project, making an electric generator from magnets and wire that lit up a tiny lightbulb. They also worked together on her poster for the fair. She was quite proud, and has since asked many guests to play school with her, as she points to the poster and explains (fairly accurately) how travelling electrons make the light bulb light up. 









She is loving the Magic Tree House books lately, and we read several a week. Sorry Berenstain bears, you have been demoted for the time being.

Many, many complaints lately about having to do homework. Long explanations of why she shouldn’t have to do any and how pointless it is. And why does M get to have art hour while she has homework hour? Seriously, the homework would take way less than an hour if there wasn’t so much complaining. And don’t even get me started on the continuous reminders needed EVERY SINGLE MORNING to get her clothes on, eat her breakfast, brush her teeth, etc. etc. We are continually running out the door with me yelling. Sigh. Next year her school is across the street and walkable, but starts at 8:40!

She also has been loving swimming classes, and has just three more skills to master before moving to the next level. If only we could find a swimsuit that doesn’t hang off her tiny little backside. Her height is such that she really needs size 6 now, but even pants that I manage to find in a 6 slim get cinched in at the waist. I get a lot of comments about how much she looks like me but there are some major differences 😉

She is a great big sister and often will play with M without complaint. In the backseat of the car I often hear M demand “hand! hand!” and then look back to see them holding hands across the carseat divide. It melts my heart.

Looking at this now, I realize I need to be taking a lot more pictures of C. She is growing up so fast and won’t always be this willing to oblige with a smile.









Or, um, whatever that expression is called. 


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