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Antics of M May 19, 2010

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M got an apron/hat/hot pad set for her birthday and has quite enjoyed it. Even while “nakey”.









But also in PJs.









Sometimes, she doesn’t want her photo taken.







The sound of cereal in a bowl brings her running, and she loves to have second breakfast when daddy is having first breakfast.







Somehow, eating usually involves getting food all over her face, although if her hands get dirty she immediately screams for “hands wiped, mommy.”









She is a bit of a daredevil (and our backyard garden needs a lot of work…)









Man. those eyes get me every time.









(Also, I got her a more traditional bob haircut, as opposed to what slowly was becoming a bowl haircut when G would take her. A few too many times that people thought she was a boy… Still growing out some of the side pieces, but looking very cute I think.)

What else….she talks a blue streak, but only around people she knows. The caregivers at the YMCA were pretty sure she wasn’t speaking yet. She can’t do “Ls” very well, so all bugs are “yadybugs” and she “yuvs” her mommy. A favorite phrase is “no, don’t want to” used in any and all contexts (“Mommy loves you M!” “No, don wan to.”) She wants to do everything herself, and there have been some real tears and screams when someone unthinkingly dared to close the garage door, turn off a light, or pick out some raisins for her. Luckily she accepts a redo. Which is why C agreed to go back into a room the other day and lay down and let M come in to wake her up. There was also an unfortunate incident in which she tried to change her own poopy diaper. Before bed or her nap, she always wants to read two books although sometimes she says two but brings three. I am on to her. She has an unusual affinity for cocktail gherkins, as discovered from party leftovers but when asked usually claims to only want “Mac Cheese”. Our first floor is arranged in a circle, and she loves to run around the loop and demand that everyone chase her, although upon catching her she will demand that you “stop ticking me”. She loves a whole bunch of baby dolls and will play with them for a little while, rocking and setting them up on C’s bed when they are “seepy”. Sometimes at swimming class she does all the moves—climbs out of the pool, paddles and kicks for all she worth, and will dip her face in to blow bubbles. Sometimes, not so much. But if you mention swimming class she immediately starts looking for her swimsuit, so I think it is a hit overall. Music class also went well, with M loving to play all the instruments and helping to clean up. She is quite a little character with an insane amount of energy, but we all love her like crazy.      









Even when she “don wan to”.


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