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Out and About June 9, 2010

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Been a pretty rainy and cold spring here, but when the sun shines we try to get out of the house. Sometimes even when it rains.

Getting haircuts.









Friday night farmer’s market (a night where things kept going wrong, like a pork sandwich instead of a veggie sandwich, contaminated beach which led to lawn picnic, etc. Kids don’t mind though.) Brought the organic milk; G purchased the french fries and fish sticks. That is some good parenting right there.







Four day weekend means stocking up on summer shoes at Stride Rite and then dessert at Red Robin.







An art walk through Bellevue.







Afternoon at the playground with M.























We actually had to travel to Minnesota to get some good weather. Trying to convince M and C to be legacy students at dear old Mac.







Some random shots from a friend’s backyard in MN. C and her friend caught a frog (toad?) and were very excited to build a pool for it. I think we finally distracted them long enough that the toad might have survived the day.







M loves some ball bouncing and apparently T-ball as well. Her understanding of how swim diapers work needs some help I think.















At a playground in MN.  C in a top I finished the night before we left for MN. If only she didn’t insist on tucking everything in!















Of course, the girls love daddy.







Closing with one final lovely shot of C.


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