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Weekend crazies July 2, 2010

Filed under: Personal — bonniep @ 8:35 am

Last weekend we hit the Bothell arts festival (which is now walkable for us) where the kids painted some plastic plates, I purchased some photography, and the free 10 minute chair massage caused a bruise at the base of my skull that lasted for a few days. Hmph.

Next day we headed to the Bellevue Strawberry festival, a mostly yearly event for us which is typically on a sweltering weekend. Not so this time! Sadly the prices for all the “rides” (is a bouncy castle really a ride?) seemed way up, and made me think that Disney might be a bargain. C always loves a good face painting:









M loves to go in the bouncy houses, although she can’t climb over much and goes every which way down the slides. See here where C has had to drag her up to the slide…







There was also the ever popular slide of death  super slide, which involves walking up some super rickety stairs in the wind and hoping that the 2 year old doesn’t attempt a flying leap. The kids raced…













The fourth picture is a more accurate representation of M’s feelings, as she begged to go down a second time.

Then we met up with a friend for a “ride” which involved G pushing them around in a car. Seems odd to pay for that opportunity doesn’t it?









Much fun was had by all.

This week has been crazy busy with camp for C, tooth pulling, playdates, swimming classes, etc. etc. I need to get a good photo of C’s new jack o’lantern grin (spoiler: I don’t know if it was the nitrous or what, but the tooth pulling went totally smoothly with no crying whatsoever. By any of us.)


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