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July? July! July 12, 2010

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The first week of July has kept us hopping busy. The fourth is a big deal here in Bothell, with a kiddie parade and then big parade. There is a good neighborhood vibe—we have been to the parade for the past two years and it was part of the reason we chose to move to Bothell. Our immediate neighborhood expanded on the festivities with a bike/scooter/wagon decorating party, bouncy houses, and cookout. (Several of the dads had been salmon fishing recently so there was much salmon to be had.)

C decorated her scooter, put blue tape all over her helmet, and broke out the red riding hood cape.









Not to be outdone, M was on a decorated tricycle (although I pushed) and I found an old dress of C’s to match the theme.









I, um, might have overcooked a bit for the dinner. Prepped two batches of homemade hamburger buns (G made his butter burgers), a huge kale and wile rice salad, cucumber salad and red curry sauce for salmon (never even came out), homemade cherry ice cream (never came out), and some grilling themed brownie cupcakes from Family Fun magazine:







(Not to worry, we had three families over on July 5th to finish off some of the food and had lunches and some dinners ready for the next few days as well, so my night of crazy cooking was worth it.)

There were lots of neighborhood fireworks (legal in Bothell) and one scared little M who went inside early. She was intrigued by the parachutes though.









Some of the local teens decided to jump over one of the fireworks shirtless, and I was requested to take photos. Hmmm. Not an easy shooting scenario for sure.









C was off from camp this week so we kept busy…early in the week with some dress up and later in the week with lots of playing outside and eating popsicles, as it was in the 90s here. Phew. Can’t show much of the M dress up photos as her costume isn’t exactly web-friendly.









This weekend we got haircuts (well, the kids), went to a birthday party at a local playground, hiked to a beach during the lowest tide of the year, and set up our new slip n slide.

The birthday party included a football pinata for kicking or throwing, and both girls were game.


















One of us messed up (ahem) and didn’t realize you needed to register for the family nature walk at Discovery Park, but although we missed the talk by the naturalist we were able to experience low tide on our own. And the hike down was pretty cool too. Also, much fun with geoducks!

































C had been super excited about the slip n slide [type thing that we got at Fred Meyer] but in the end she and M hardly played with it. M went down with C’s friend and like it more than the picture would suggest, but quickly was distracted by baby dolls.















That’s all for now…but it seems like July is going to hold a lot more for us!


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