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Summer, we hardly knew ye August 16, 2010

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Sigh. So many plans for this summer and now there is just over two weeks left (i.e., C starts first grade on September 1st) and most of my list remains undone. Perhaps fall will be a better time to get the kids to eat vegetables anyway.

C has done two weeks (mornings) of art camp, one week (9-2) of drama camp, and has one week (mornings) of Lego® camp to go. At the end of each art camp there was a “gallery opening” of the week’s activities. Here are the girls playing with C’s house (which included a pool [with pool noodles and floats], bridge, parking lot, garbage can, garbage truck, fire escape, and several feet of road). Oh, and a clay turtle with its own skateboard and helmet. It is always pleasing to me to see M jump in and play with something C made, although perhaps not always as pleasing to C (a lot of parts are broken already).  







Drama camp ended with a full production of a play the kids wrote (it was all going into first and second graders). C’s was something about a haunted castle and a ghost that a knight tried to flush down the toilet. She herself was a princess and convinced another girl to be her pet hamster named Marley. She did wake up one morning that week laughing about the toilet part of the play, so I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I would not necessarily say that the setting encouraged good photography.









C is doing four weeks of intensive swimming classes (well, 30 minutes a day M-Th—she does say that the scooping and kicking make her arms and legs hurt though) and since we have had some mid-80 plus weeks I think the pool has been a welcome treat. Her floating is much improved. Hope to get better pics of that when I don’t have a “little helper” along for class.







This past weekend was one of the hotter days and I insisted that we stop doing household chores and hit the beach. Went all the way to West Seattle to experience Alki and we weren’t disappointed (although not really swimming temperature water up here). Requisite burying of the kids, attempting of the water, etc. Then C met two little girls around her age on the next set of towels and played with them for an hour or so while M ate chips.
















C splashed a bit, but since we never found a place to change (it was hot, and the kids want to bring a lot of stuff but not help carry it….) I never got my suit on. C was willing to change in a towel that G and I held up around her. I have heard that there is a neat playground nearby but didn’t find that either. We did hit a patio for fish, chips, and beer/milk afterwards to soak up some more stunning views. On the beach we could see the Olympic mountains and from the fish n chips place we could see Seattle. And after that we mostly saw sticky kids, as the kids meals included (HUGE) ice cream cones.













In other news, I think my Gymbucks were well spent…









Given that she has those boots (one of our best used clothing store finds ever!) how could resist? And C, never one to “save” clothes immediately put on the whole outfit, scoffed at any idea of preserving it for the first day of school, did let out an unprompted “I love it all Mommy thank you so much!” and then marched up and down the street.

Eskimo bars were had today.







And my second attempt at Salted Caramel ice cream was fairly successful. This stage is prettiest though I think.