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First day of school; end of summer September 1, 2010

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Someone started first grade today, wearing the promised cowgirl outfit. We went to an open house yesterday to meet her teacher, drop off all the requested supplies (3 boxes of Kleenex, two boxes of ziploc bags, five packages of post its, 4 packages of baby wipes…oh and some pencils and stuff) and scope out the scene. C’s classmates seem very nice, although it is 12 boys and 7 girls… Her teacher is rumored to be the one that churns out strong readers, which would be nice. C seemed fairly excited about school, although walking home from the open house (we are about a 9 minute walk at a “prodded first grader” pace) she mentioned that for second grade she would like to go just for half days. Had to let her down gently with the news that is only for kindergarten.







I forgot that the card has distinguishing information about it so you only get to see the picture where it is blown backwards. C was very sad to discover that hats are not allowed in the classroom. Sigh. Unfortunately we just bought another hat yesterday at a back to school splurge at Gymboree.

Here is C ready to leave the house with the photo prop that is never far away….a prop badly in need of a haircut.









Last weekend we hit the Bothell RiverFest for some kettle korn, free food scrap composting collection containers, bouncy houses, and an 80s cover band. The girls were not as willing to spaz out to Come On Eileen and Love Shack as G and I were. No pictures of that though 😉






M went on the bouncy slide over and over again while C was painting a decorative tile. M’s understanding of waiting in line was a bit fuzzy, but she climbed up that ramp like nobody’s business, flew down, jumped off with a smile, and would immediately try to go again. Several parents of hesitant 4 year olds were heard making some comparisons with my little daredevil.








Other recent M antics…quite the party animal post neighbor’s birthday party, and enjoying a spiderman frozen treat from the local ice cream truck.







I am not sure how she knows who spiderman is, but whatever.

Hobbies have taken a bit of a back seat this summer, but I did finish dresses for the two girls that I had cut out way at the beginning of the summer…one more still cut out that I would like to get sewn up before the cold weather hits! Both are from Anna Maria Horner voile which is soft and light and irons well. (Pattern is the Oliver + S ice cream dress).








(Back in July I also finished my first knitted blanket for a new second cousin who [finally] arrived last week. Took pictures on one of the hottest days we were in Cleveland before mailing it off to NYC…








Standard garter stitch log cabin blanket which hopefully matches owl sheets from Target…that is poor game little C there holding up a blanket—cotton at least—in hundred degree weather.)

C wrapped up her swim classes for the summer and remains at the same level. She is much, much stronger than before and a happy swimmer, but technique leaves a bit to be desired.






I will have to get a shot of her making muscles at some point…since seeing me do a [few] chin-ups she has been bragging about her strength and even claimed to be the strongest person in her class last year… As you will see if I take the picture, the circumference of her arm changes not at all from slack to pumped…G and I have a great time squeezing that little twig and exclaiming over her muscles!


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