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Speed of Light September 26, 2010

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Quite a busy few weeks here as C gets into a new school routine, M started music class, both of them restarted swimming and G started a new job. And I, well, I guess for now I continue to be the behind the scenes person.

C seems to have quickly made some very nice friends at school and even landed a boyfriend for a day or so! Apparently he followed her all around on the playground and insisted they choose the same color ball at recess and she was sold. Not too many days later though he no longer wanted to be her boyfriend. She seems to have taken it all in stride. I on the hand have been caught off guard by this boyfriend business. Not much time to talk to C though as she begs every day to have friends over or play at their houses, and with several in the immediate neighborhood her wishes are often fulfilled.

C continues to be quite the fashion plate, between her store bought outfits and some that I have made. She was eager to wear her new clothes ASAP when school started:









You can’t quite see the gray skinny jeans in the last picture, but as the one member of the family who can pull off skinny jeans she definitely had to have some. I am not sure where her penchant for buttoning to the top comes from. Perhaps the same place where her “everything should always be tucked in” penchant began.

We do think she looks particularly cute in hats.








I finally finished that last “ice cream” dress that I cut way back in the spring. Happy with how this one turned out!









Not to be outdone, M has some new owl duds, as well as clothes discovered when we went “shopping” in the boxes of C’s old clothes. The elephant outfit was a favorite I was happy to see again.








(M also got that much needed hair cut.)

Speaking of old outfits of C, someone just might wear an “ooh ah” costume this Halloween….









C is lately obsessed with Barbies (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh what have I done??) to the point where I even agreed to attempt a Barbie perm.







M is busy with potty training (well, I am busy with potty training). We have had multiple disagreements about how much “pwivacy” she needs in public restrooms. Sometimes after she does she reminds me “I went pee in the potty. Now you say, ‘Good job!’” Her other activities are primarily riding bikes (she can pedal a mean tricycle) and playing with “Yittle Peoples” [Little People®]. She gets some quite elaborate scenes going on, many of which involve birthday cake.

Today we managed to make it to the final day of the Puyallup Fair. I believe this may be the one event we have made it to every year since moving here. (Actually now that I type that, I think we have also visited the same pumpkin patch every year too. Better make sure that one gets done again!) M was barely tall enough to go on some rides. Nothing like seeing your two year old with a gun in her hand.













(FYI I knit the hat C is wearing, finishing it last night. She was pretty excited to wear it all day to the fair, even with a short sleeve dress, although later claimed that she can’t wear it again because the neighborhood kids might make fun of her. If that is the case, I might just take the hat back!)

Dreary days and lots of time with C gone have meant not many photos. And then not much blogging. But with a certain 6 year old turning 7 soon and Halloween preparations hopefully the pace will pick up a bit shortly.


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