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Countdown to 7 October 18, 2010

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Two parties this past weekend—a pumpkin carving party and C’s 7th birthday party! If only both kids didn’t still have colds (and me too).

First up was pumpkin carving. M didn’t really participate, except for eating a lot of chips with hummus (don’t ask—she loves hummus) and utilizing a play kitchen set. C seemed interested and had designed her own paper templates in advance, but once we arrived she complained it was too hard to cut and let G do all the heavy carving. G continued in his tradition of using accessories, and I attempted to copy Martha Stewart Living (and am not ashamed to admit I happened to have an unused linoleum block cutting set laying around the house).

Top to bottom: G, me, and C.








And here is Miss Chappy nose with the pumpkins:







The next day was C’s birthday party at local(ish) pottery painting studio Color Me Mine. With the party package they did all the decorations—C had requested “spooky” and they delivered with Halloween themed balloons, a light up pumpkin necklace for C, orange and black m&ms, bat and skull centerpieces, and some spooky plates and napkins:






We had a spooky cake from local (for real) bakery Hillcrest:







I was surprised how many of the kids liked to eat the fondant ghosts. All the kids got to paint a small pottery piece, including C who had wanted to paint a scary cat with fangs (they do not stock such a piece) and settled for drawing her own pictures on tiles, and M who painted a fish and then sponged it off for about 20 quiet minutes, such that I suspect no paint remained.  








Luckily, C is not a big believer in needing to blow out all the candles in one breath (I believe it took 3 + daddy):








C received an insane amount of presents (themes: crafts, Barbies, and Polly Pockets) and I finally admitted that the kids did get goody bags (attempts to tell them they only got a bag if they too were goody were only moderately successful). No current photos of the 13 goody bags which I sewed the night before (C helped pick spooky material) or the awesome fake spooky teeth that were the far and away hit of the bag.

Much fun was had by all, even by G who on Saturday was surprised to discover that C’s party was the next day, and then on Sunday was surprised to hear that we were going to stay for the party (since I had told him it was a drop off party). Sigh.

Today C started her reign as “Tiger of the Week” in her class by sharing her all about me poster. I did not in fact make it onto the poster as person she admires (in fact, when she was filling out the sheet I did not even come up—Christopher Columbus and Santa were rejected in favor of …. Daddy. Not that I am bitter!) But I am present in “favorite thing to wear” which she filled out as “mom cloths” but which is supposed to mean the clothes I make for her. In fact, she wore the latest skirt and shirt outfit to her party, but as you can only see the shirt a little I will need to get a better photo.


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